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Air conditioner gearheads application

Whether it is hot summer or cold and long winter, air conditioning can understand your heart,which gives you the best comfortable temperature. In  fact, In addition to regulating temperature, air conditioning can also increase air humidity and purify air. When the relative humidity is too high, even if the temperature is in comfortable range, people still feel bad, air conditioning can regulate to a comfortable relative humidity. And air conditioner can purify NH3, SO2, and all kinds of odors in air by accelerating and filtrating air circulation and filtration. So air conditioning is becoming more and more popular, and the requirements of drive system for air conditioning opening is gradually increasing.

Arc gear for Air Condition Opening



How to decrease the noise of air conditioning? How to make the air-conditioning opening smoothly and supply air in large angle?

ZHAOWEI drive Solution for air conditioning opening

ZHAOWEI drive system which is combined with planar gears and circular gear bars and driven by micro motor is low-noise and high efficiency,which meets low-noise needs. Meanwhile,the arc rack gearbox can make use of the circular rack push rod of the reducer gear box, and there is no blind area for the upper and lower gear box to sweep the air.



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smart home <a  data-cke-saved-href='/StandardPlanetaryGea.shtml' href='/StandardPlanetaryGea.shtml' class='keys' title='Click to check the relevant information of Gearbox' target='_blank'>Gearbox</a>,gearbox,dc motor,gear motor,design gearbox

Arc gear for Air Condition Opening solution was designed by ZHAOWEI,Zhaowei use it to solution demo and can custom micro gearboxes according to requirements,but  not sell to other parties.

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