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In the morning, the breeze lifted the curtains, the electric curtains in the bedroom were automatically opened, and the broken sunlight went to bed to wake us up; when it was going to work, the intelligent electric curtains that were forgotten by the rainstorms closed automatically... life is so comfortable! All are indispensable, Zhaowei Planetary Electric Curtain Motor) gearbox solution. Zhaowei intelligent electric curtain reduction gearbox solution allows the curtain to control the motor running small sound, and solves the indoor sunshade noise of the tubular planetary motor gearbox, which greatly improves the quality of life. We have been focusing on the development and design of planetary reduction gearboxes. We can design, develop and produce intelligent electric curtain control motor reduction gearboxes according to the special needs of home automation customers. It can provide individual customization of single-track and double-track intelligent curtain motor gearboxes. 

  Challenges:sound reduction


  1. Hellical gear in gearbox

  2. braking system: Gearbox with breaking system instead of motor with break

  The intelligent electric curtain motor gear box is mainly used to solve the indoor shading noise of the planetary remote control curtain motor planetary gear box. The combination of roller blinds, honeycomb curtains, small aluminum, wood louvers, opening and closing curtains, Roman blinds, projection screens are easy to install, simple wiring, and elegant, suitable for families, cafes, villas, hotels, conference rooms, etc. 

  Zhaowei intelligent electric curtain reduction gearbox solution brings you curtains, not just fashion! There is also quality life.

  Zhaowei intelligent electric curtain 16MM reduction gearbox solution: let the curtain control motor running sound less, the planetary gear adopts the design of the herringbone tooth to break through the design concept. The noise of the indoor sunshade of the tubular planetary motor gearbox can be solved, which greatly improves the quality of life.

  The advantages of Zhaowei intelligent electric curtain 16MM reduction gearbox solution are as follows:

  1. Solve the product noise in the room. 

  2. Solve the brake mechanism of the tubular planetary gearbox. The traditional planetary reduction gearbox adopts the motor brake brake. The intelligent electric curtain gearbox (35MM reduction gearbox) developed by Zhaowei Electromechanical integrates the brake brake into the planetary gearbox, which makes the motor relatively simple and noise control.

  The tubular curtain motor is equipped with Zhaowei planetary gear reducer, which can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of the intelligent electric curtain motor. Zhaowei develops multi-layer convertible transmission ratio mechanism according to its own development. The product has two, three and four-stage transmission changes. According to the design requirements of the electric curtain motor, the speed reduction ratio can be changed and the input speed and torque of the gear box can be adjusted.

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