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Electric sofa gear motor

Intelligent and technological has become the future development trend of home intelligence. Zhaowei helps people improve their quality of life in the following areas: The intelligent electric sofa gearbox solution combines with the IoT to help the sofa fold and unfold.
The intelligent electric sofa terminal is based on the traditional sofa design, through the embedded technology, RFID and other Internet of Things sensors for data acquisition, and then the collected data is transmitted to the controller for processing, after processing through the various sensors to achieve the entire terminal The operation realizes a variety of specific functions, and at the same time organically combines with other subsystems related to indoor home to realize the humanization, comfort and health of home life.

Whatever sofa, the first thing is its comfort and ease of use. Zhaowei intelligent electric sofa gear box can intelligently adjust the angle of sitting and leaning on the sofa. The function of the seat circuit and the current direction can be controlled by the function button of the mobile APP or the armrests on both sides of the sofa,which can intelligently set the angle of the sofa suitable for sitting or leaning and keep the memory, the person automatically returns to the normal angle after getting up, and when the person sits down or lies down, it automatically adjusts to the angle position he has set.To be smarter, you can also remember each person's favorite sitting posture according to the body and weight of each person in the family, intelligently identify the family members who are sitting down and adjust to their comfortable angle.

The second is the stability of intelligent products, which has always been the focus of consumers. In order to achieve the reliability of the telescopic folding and unfolding of the intelligent electric sofa, Zhaowei uses the industry's smaller 28MM, 32MM planetary gearbox to realize the transmission torque demand of small volume and large torque. Among them, the gear box structure has two-stage, three-stage and four-stage transmission changes, the reduction ratio,input speed and torque can be adjusted according to the design requirements.After the information is transmitted, the correct information is checked and make feedback. The corresponding feedback is sent by sending different commands to the circuit board that can accept the Bluetooth information, and then the motor is combined with gearbox for electric sofa from ZHAOWEI to achieve the intelligent telescopic expansion of the sofa.
The gear motors from ZHAOWEI
DC power is used as the power supply, and a permanent magnet DC motor is used as the driving power source. After supplying power, the DC motor rotates, and the motor worm and the turbine perform deceleration, and a nut is fixed on the inner tube. After the screw rod rotates, the nut advances and retreats on the screw rod,then the inner tube advances and retreats.By switching the positive and negative poles of DC, the motor will rotate forward or reverse, so that the inner tube is forward or backward. By changing the pitch of the screw and the nut, the large thrust and speed of the push rod can be changed to push the electric sofa to realize complicated the motor and the worm should have high quality,small volume and large torque,and in order to meet high bearing capacity,the motor and the worm should be reliable,however,our gear motor from ZHAOWEI meets these features.meanwhile,a variety of gear motor can be customized according to customer needs, including R & D design, production, testing, assembly, etc.
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