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Gear motor for peephole

With the development of 5G smart technology, the traditional optical peephole has evolved from the electronic peephole to the current smart peephole. The technology of the smart peephole is entering the fast lane, and its function is more and more abundant. 
Faster and clearer
The smart peephole fully utilizes the wireless interconnection technology, and the front part is mainly composed of a PIR automatic sensing device, a megapixel high-definition camera, a breathing lamp, and an ergonomic doorbell button. Among them, the auto-sensing focus camera is the main component to realize the smart connection of the peephole. The micro-gear motor is placed in the smart camera for transmission focusing, which can bring more high-definition picture quality, wide wide-angle and high-pixel camera, and the image is not deformed, and the range of viewing is relatively large. The large-screen LCD display can be seen even at a long distance; and it can be clearly shot and recorded outside the door, preventing the possibility of peeping from outside the door and strengthening the role of security.
Protect our safety
ZHAOWEI’s micro gear motor solution for peephole can support high-definition and non-interfering infrared night vision under the induction of infrared sensors. The automatic switching of day and night shooting modes allows smart peephole to protect our family for 24 hours.
ZHAOWEI has designed mechanism of multi-layer convertible planetary gearbox transmission ratio,so the gear motor for peephole has two-stage, three-stage, four-stage transmission changes,and its reduction ratio,input speed and torque can be adjusted according to the requirements of autofocus motor.
Cat eye motor
The gear motor for peephole has low power consumption, high torque, low power consumption, fast and accurate push of large weight focusing lens sets, and low noise. We can not only solve the problem of slow focusing speed of the wide-angle lens, but also not only improve the efficiency of the smart peephole from clarity, stability and heat dissipation, but also protect its durable use.
  • Protect our safety

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