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Gear motors for smart TV with built in camera

Under the smart TV, humanized interactive home large-screen video service scene demand, many TV manufacturers have also added a camera interface to the TV, but these cameras are mostly USB external cameras, for the whole set of home improvement The style is very uncoordinated, it is not convenient to use, and it does not meet the humanized use of smart TV. If the smart TV can have a lifting camera driven by a micro gear motor, then this will be very cool.
Inspired by a full-screen mobile phone lifting camera, we design a TV built-in lifting camera gearbox solution through the structural analysis of the TV. Through the lifting gearbox structure, the camera power system can be built into the TV set to realize the automatic hiding and opening of the camera,which meets the needs of smart TV technology and intelligence.

Small and stable
Because of the limited space at the top of the TV set, we also consider the "small volume" of the camera when designing the TV camera. How to use the small gear box to push the intelligent and stable lifting of the camera, and it does not affect the sharpness of the camera imaging (no jitter). We use the worm planetary drive system which combines the stepping motor with a 4mm metal planetary gear box to realize the TV camera lifting.


While designing the lifting function of the camera, we also consider the service life and stability of the camera lifting mechanism of the smart TV. Considering the various possibilities, the planetary gearbox structure used in smart TV lifting camera has 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage transmission changes. The reduction ratio,output speed and torque can be changed according to the requirements.
The TV camera lift drive system often uses 24V DC power as the power supply, and the 24V permanent magnet DC motor is used as the drive power source. After supplying 24V DC motor, the motor rotates spirally, then the 4mm planetary gearbox and stepper motor perform one-stage transmission,
a nut is fixed on the inner tube, and the push rod rotates, so that the TV camera is raised. Switching between the positive and negative poles of 24V DC, the motor will be reversed, and the drive module will be lowered, thus realizing the automatic hiding and opening of the TV camera. The lifting gearbox transmission structure is more stable, and the mechanical loss of the TV camera is also smaller, which meets the requirements of low noise, stability and rapidity.

In the analysis of the future market of smart TV, we can solve the stability and comfort of the TV lifting camera, we also need to have the camera with the function of face recognition.
Imagining that when the user looks at the TV screen, the TV keeps the screen lit continuously. when it is no longer watching, it follows the set time.
If you want record the live broadcast,you just need shake your head and move a lot without manually adjusting the camera.
In order to realize this face recognition function, we have designed a custom rotary gearbox structure.The planetary gearbox structure is matched with the Matlab real-time face recognition and tracking algorithm code in the camera driver encoder,
Then the camera can intelligently achieve face recognition,making communication more focused.

We can customize the gearbox structure of intelligent drive system of various household appliances according to the parameters of different manufacturers in the home appliance industry.
  • Small and stable
  • Customizable

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