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Dishwasher automatic spray washing pump gearbox

Categories: Smart HomeRelease time: 2018-07-05 18:15:00


Project instruction
  With the constant upgrading of consumption mode, the traditional kitchen and bathroom appliances can no longer meet the user's pursuit of high quality life. As a member of smart home appliances, dishwashers are used more and more in the home. However, from the current market situation, dishwashers have reflux and output flow, dishwasher dishwashing is not clean, dishwasher is not in place. Part of the corner washing, dishwasher dishwashing vibration noise and other problems.
ZHAOWEI Advantages
  1.Adopt the design of planetary gear to break through the design idea and scheme of the industry, to improve the noise reduction function, and to solve the noise of the motor gearbox in the high speed operation of the dishwasher (≤ 34DB).
  2.Dishwasher automatic cleaning pump gear box transmission module dishwasher step motor. The gear drive of the stepper motor is used to control the ejection of the wire rod, so that the designed dishwasher gearbox can reach the size of matchbox. Through the design of transmission rod control the amount of dishwashing powder or detergent.
  3.The dishwasher automatic cleaning pump gearbox scheme can set up the high and low pressure to control the strong water flow jet function, make the water jet from the small hole of the sprinkler arm, the water pressure is high, the dust height of the water flow can reach 2 meters. With high-temperature hot water, simply add a small amount of washing powder to clean the tableware. The scouring area of the tableware is increased and the tableware is made clean as new.
In the process of washing, the speed of the water flow, the size of the water pressure, the structure of the bowls, and so on mechanical and mechanical design, need to be tested by the R & D engineers to find the best parameters. At present, the dishwasher's automatic spray washing pump gearbox is mostly used for the product parameters of 6mm deceleration gearbox:
  The solution is based on Zhaowei's R & D concept, which only displays and promotes products and involves the revocation of similar patent ownership by other companies.If you have any questions,you can contact our online sales manager.





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