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Intelligent oil fume hood gearbox

Categories: Smart HomeRelease time: 2018-07-06 16:54:00
Project background
  The harm of kitchen fume to the human body is well known, but the soot machine can be improved effectively. At present, there is still a large room for raising fume machines on the market. The automatic open cover gearbox scheme developed by Zhaowei can better meet your needs.
  The angle rotation and flexibility of the automatic cover opening of the oil fume machine are improved, the noise of the oil fume machine is reduced, and the strong suction ability of the oil fume machine is improved.
  1. Adopt the design of planetary gear to break through the design idea and scheme of the industry, enhance the noise reduction function, and the noise of the planetary gearbox of the fume machine (≤ 34DB)
  2. With the double structure of turbine worm and planetary gearbox, the face cover weighing up to 15kg can be easily lifted, and the turning cover from 0 °to 110 °takes only 3 seconds to make up for the deficiency of similar products.

  The following are the product parameters of the 24mm reduction gear box for the automatic open cover gear box of the fume machine:

  The product specifications of intelligent kitchen and bathroom motor deceleration gear box are 22mm\ 24mm\ 28mm\ 35mm\ 45MM.The size of decelerating gear box of automatic open cover gear box of fume machine has 22mm\ 24mm\ if you do not find the kitchen and bathroom motor gearbox you need in these specifications, You can also contact our online sales manager or technician.
  More intelligent kitchen appliances electrical deceleration gear box solution customization service hotline: 400-066-2287 (the solution is based on the concept of Zhaowei R & D;, Zhaowei is only for project display and product promotion, involving other companies similar to the patent ownership of Zhaowei can be revoked.)





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