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Intelligent escort robot gearbox

Categories: Smart HomeRelease time: 2018-07-07 17:53:00
Project background:With the rapid pace of modern life, many parents don't have more time to accompany their children, so it is necessary to produce a safe escort robot that can communicate and play with children.

  1. In the voice interactive system, we can realize the automatic parameter design of involute planetary gear system, bevel gear, face gear and so on by using the integrated design platform of gearbox developed by ourselves. The gear design method of reducing the impact velocity by tooth height coefficient, pressure angle and center distance, the ratio of the impact velocity to the impact velocity is in a certain numerical range, and reducing or meshing the impact of nodal circle, To address the product in the operation of quiet (faint noise) demand.

  2. In the safety range of transmission interaction, micro reducer is the key functional component of robot, which has always been known as "joint" of robot. The children's intelligent escort robot motor equipped with Zhaowei planetary gear reducer can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of the children's intelligent escort robot. For the performance test of precision reducer, the sampling frequency is at least 10 times of the sensor response frequency, and the result is not distorted.

  3. In the communication and rapid response interaction, the DC deceleration motor used to drive the robot joints of the children's intelligent escort machine requires a large power/mass ratio, a torque inertia ratio, a high starting torque, a low inertia and a wide and smooth speed regulation range. And our children's intelligent escort robot motor gearbox has the characteristics of low voltage, low power, low speed, low noise, long life, miniature and high torque.
  4. In the visual navigation and positioning system, a variety of interactive video modes are realized. The planetary gearbox 3.4MM4MM4mm 5MM deceleration drive scheme can be used in the intelligent robot vision navigation and positioning system, such as camera flipping, side camera flipping machine top camera spinning out, telescopic camera, and so on.

(Pictured above is 6mm deceleration gearbox for child escort intelligent robot)
  The demand of the intelligent robot
deceleration gearbox for children escort is changing with each passing day. The product specifications of the intelligent robot gearbox for children escort made by Zhaowei range from 3.4 mm to 45 mm.If you have any questions,you can contact our online sales manager.





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