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Intelligent home door gearbox

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Intelligent home door gearbox
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Project Background
With the development of the Internet of things and wireless communication technology, the idea of intelligent life resonates with the heart of the user. As an important location of intelligent security industry and smart home industry, smart fingerprint lock and other intelligent locks have been paid more and more attention by market and users.

It is an urgent problem to improve the reliability, speed and security of the intelligent home door lock.

In order to solve the security and reliability of the intelligent door lock, Zhaowei put forward the solution of micro motor for intelligent home door lock . By implanting the gear motor into the lock core system, it can ensure the reliability of unlock,improve the speed of opening lock and improve the safety of the door lock.meanwhile ,it can prolong the lock core service life.

Scheme Demonstration
Intelligent home door gearbox

1.How to improve the speed of unlocking? ZHAOWEI intelligent home door lock motor control system uses decelerating gear box and gear motor, which can effectively control unlock and lock function of lock core by driving drive of gear motor. This design makes lock core controllable, high reliability, long life,  the speed of unlocking up to 0.6 seconds in the industry.
Intelligent home door gearbox

2.Then ,How to improve the security of unlocking?Zhaowei motor control system for smart home door lock will display "why not afraid of small black box." In general, the locking bolt of the smart home door is controlled by the front panel. In the lock motor control system of Zhaowei intelligent home, the lock gear motor can directly cooperate with the lock core in the lock core system to form the intelligent lock control board after the system.And make special defense measures in the aspect of anti-electromagnetic interference,which passed test of electromagnetic interference of different power and various failure analysis can achieve anti-interference magnetic, intelligent door lock short circuit will not be broken, do not open the door for strangers and other effects.

3.Besides the speed and security,we also pay attention to the reliability of unlocking.The micro gearbox structure used for locking core can adjust the parameters of each motor according to the multi-layer variable transmission ratio mechanism developed by ourselves. The product that has two, three, and four levels of transmission changes can adjust reduction ratio,stator speed and torque according to the driving demand of the clutch motor in the locking body.Thus,it can realize the intelligent drive with compact structure, strong dynamic and high efficiency, miniature and large torque.and improves the reliability of the fingerprint lock motor of the intelligent door lock,avoiding the embarrassment of the intelligent door lock fingerprint lock motor can not open the lock.
12mm geared motor
The gear motor for intelligent lock adopted in this scheme has excellent debugging performance: it can withstand vibration, shock and extremely high and very low temperature, and the volume performance ratio is very good.Through the low electromagnetic interference, the low noise testing finally has product characteristics of low noise,high dynamic performance, high power density, low energy consumption and long life. The lock body clutch motor gearbox can be used well through salt fog test,even seaside city. and the life of lock core gear motor is more than 100000 times, if calculated at 10 times per day, the door lock can be used for 30 years.


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