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Solution of washing machine gear motor

Categories: Smart HomeRelease time: 2017-11-18 17:00:00

 Project Name:Solution of washing machine gear motor

with the development of internet of things, the IA has became very popular. Until now, there are so many functions of washing machinery such as anti-bacteria wash, frequency conversion, deaquation, steam ironing, auxiliary electric heater.From frequency conversion roller to frequency conversion impeller,the technology of frequency conversion has became flag of high-end products of washing machinery.

The case of washing machinery reducer gearbox from Zhaowei make full use of brushless DC motor and control、drive technology of gear, to make some adjustments in the light of different situations including the weight of clothes.Therefore, it can slow down the noise and shake and save water、energy.It is durable as well.

washing machine gear motor

In order to fit the needs of smart washing machine, we have focused on the solution of washing machine gearbox for 20 years. With the feasibility, reliability of innovation and extension of extra value, we produce the reduction gearbox from 3.4mm to 45mm, 1.5v to 36v. We have already grasp the core technology of washing machine reducer step by step and upgrade all the time. On the basis of these technologies, we create new reducer which can reduce consumption、heat、cost and improve rotational speed、reliability、lifespan. What is more, it has some other features including large torque, small shake, good impact resistance, large carrying capacity, high-power, good transmission efficiency. It can cater to the transmission needs of smart washing machine better. If you can not find the washing machine gearbox motor in our product library, just contact our online sales engineer or technicist.

By designing and analyzing the case of washing machinery reducer gearbox,Zhaowei can improve the lifespan of washing machinery reducer, to optimize high speed torsion  and improve precision、reliability、adaptability in a short time with the output of high torque.In order to get the goals(no noise,energy conservation),we can adjust the design of gear to control the noise below 30DB. Besides, taking the marketing research of home appliances into consideration, we pay a lot of attention to the intellectuality when designing case of washing machinery reducer gearbox. Our case can make the washing machinery to switch pattern between dehydration function and steam ironing function、auxiliary electric heater freely. 

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