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Machining Center
ZHAOWEI Mold manufacturing center has many machining equipments,such as AGIE wire cutting machine,AGIE EDM,Sodick wire cutting machine, MAKINO,FANUC,RODERS,HAMAI hobbing machine,WAHLI, to improve machining accuracy.




  • SODICK line cutting machine

    SODICK line cutting machine



  • MAKINO V33 Machining Center

    MAKINO V33 Machining Center

  • Roders Machining Center

    Roders Machining Center

  • HAMAI Hobbing machine

    HAMAI Hobbing machine

  • AGIE Wire Cutting Machine

    AGIE Wire Cutting Machine

01.Switzerland AGIE Wire Cutting Machine

The basic working principle of AGIE wire cutting machine imported from Switzerland is to use a continuous moving thin wire (called a wire electrode for wire cutting) as an electrode, perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece, and etch the metal to cut and shape. AGIE wire cutting machine has precise structure,stable and uniform operation, small jitter, high machining precision and the products produced have good surface quality,and It also can process large thickness workpieces.

02.Switzerland AGIE EDM

Switzerland AGIE EDM can double the cutting speed and reduce the number of cutting times with the same precision. Making use of its flexible measuring and positioning function, flexible threading function, flexible water supply and flushing function,it can reduce non-processing time. In addition, AGIE EDM also has an system that includes three database extensions. Even with different electrode shapes and different materials, appropriate parameters can be found in the system. So the precision of finishing is controlled and the efficiency of repeatability is improved.

03.Japan MAKINO V33 Machine

MAKINO V33 not only have the reliable spindle, fast feed and GI control system,but also its high speed machining center has a reasonable shaft structure and humanized host structure, efficient cooling system and unique HSK cutter holder (dynamic balancing tool handle). These both are the advantages of setting up high-speed, high-precision machining centers.With the help of the precision MAKINO V3, Zhaowei's machining center reduces composite surfaces and manufacturing procedures of complex-shaped parts, and continuously improves the efficiency of high-speed machining centers while maintaining high precision.

04.Germany RODERS Machine

Germany RODERS machining center has unique cleaning devices and the newer generation of control system, which increases the knife path control and the management of machining strategy.The advantages of deep hole processing, vacuum balancing systems and so on are not apparent when you process straight paths, but we save at least half the processing time when you are doing complex processing. At the same time, the RODERS control system uses a smooth cutter path with mathematical operation mode to make the workpiece surface finish high.

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