16MM 5V Plastic DC Motor

16MM 5V Plastic DC Motor

Model: ZWBPD016016-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 5V
Speed: 3 – 1125 rpm
Torque: 1.6 – 196mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 4 – 1296:1

32MM DC Gear Motor-4

32MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBPD032032-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 3.0 – 24.0V
Speed: 5 – 1348 rpm
Torque: 38 – 1961mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 4 – 1076:1

38MM DC Gear Motor-4

38MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWMD038038-XXX
Rated Voltage: 3-24 V
No-load Speed: 3-1,386 rpm
No-load Current: 315-335 mA
Rated Load Speed: 3-1,294 rpm
Rated Load Current: 1,679-1,684 mA

What is a Servo Motor?

A servo motor consists of a micro motor, a set of reduction gears, a potentiometer (which is connected to the gear reducer and acts as a position sensor), and a controller.

How to Choose a Right Curtain Motor?

Gear motors are used for the different electric curtains. A right curtain motor can be chosen according to your needs such as motor power, noise, life, and after-sales service.