The Working Principle of Gear Motor for Tailgate

ZHAOWEI constantly optimizes gears for power tailgate support rod and adjusts the gearbox structure, which aims to achieve high torque and low noise during operation of the tailgate opening & closing.

Robot Joint Gearbox

In order to meet the needs of various types of robot joints developed with modern high-tech, ZHAOWEI provides different gear motor specifications of robot joints…

Gearboxes for Automatic Feeder

In order to support the application of smart feeding technology, ZHAOWEI develops gear drive systems for automatic feeders of various kinds…

Portable Photo Printer Gearbox

ZHAOWEI optimizes the structure of the smartphone photo printer gearbox to stabilize the rotating speed of the shaft.

Electric Toothbrush Gearbox

ZHAOWEI got rid of the worm drive and the unreliable transmission method. We adopt a permanent magnet DC motor…

Bike Lock Gear Motor

Smart Bike Lock Gearbox

The gearbox for the smart bicycle lock provided by ZHAOWEI is a gear reduction motor for smart bicycle locks and shared bicycle locks.