Gear Motor for Robot Joint

Voltage: Customizable
No-load Speed: Customizable
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Types of Planetary Gear Sets

Planetary gearbox, also known as planetary gear reducer, is a commonly used reduction equipment. The planetary gearboxes can be divided into high-power planetary gearboxes and low-power miniature planetary gearboxes according to usage, power, and specifications.

DC Gear Motor Rated RPM

DC Gear Motor with Rated RPM

ZHAOWEI provides bountiful choices of mini DC motors that offer the rated RPM needed. Here are 4 typical cases on DC gear motor with different rated RPM.

Can A Stepper Motor be Equipped with Planetary Gearbox?

Stepper motor is an open-loop control element that converts electrical pulse signals into angular displacement or linear displacement. The stepper motor equipped with a planetary gearbox is called a stepper planetary motor. 

What Is A Stepper Gear Motor?

The geared stepper motor is composed of a reducer (gearbox) and a motor. The motor can provide a considerably high speed, but the torque is very small, and the movement inertia generated is quite large.

what is gear motor

What is Gear Motor?

What is gear motor? Gear motor, also known as gear reduction motor, refers to the integration of gearbox and motor. Here is a detailed introduction.