Brushless Motor for Robot Joint

Operating Voltage: 24 V
Rated Current: 1.22 A
Rated Torque: 4.2N·m
No-load Speed: 3.8rpm
Rated Speed: 34rpm
Minimum Control Angle: 0.17°

Micro Motor Model List

Micro motor, usually called micro gear motor, is a kind of driving motor that is widely used. A series of miniature and precise motors is available on the current market.

What is A Brushless DC Motor?

Brushless DC motor is made up of a motor and a driver, which is a typical mechatronic product. The brushless motor refers to the motor without brush and commutator.

How to Reduce DC Motor Noise?

The noise of low-noise DC gear motor during transmission can be less than 45dB. This passage is about some actual cases about how to reduce electric motor noise.