How to Dry the Gear Motor Affected with Damp?

If the gear motor affected with damp is put into operation rashly, it is possible to cause the insulation breakdown of the coils of gear motor and result in an accident. However, how to dry the gear motor affected with damp?

How to Use Lubricating Oil for Planetary Gear Motor?

To improve the working efficiency, working quality, and prolong the service life, planetary gear motor needs regular maintenance and lubrication. Now, let me introduce the requirements and precautions of lubrication for you.

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What’s the Structure of Drive Motor for AGV?

Automated guided vehicle(AGV) is a truck equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guiding devices, being able to run according to a prescribed guide path, having protected prevention and other load shifting functions.

What’s Low-Noise Gear Motor?

The low-noise gear motor is a deceleration device whose noise is under 45dB, and it is a micro deceleration motor with small power in normal.