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Electrical Power Steering (EPS) Motor

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The electric power steering system generally consists of torque sensors, electronic control units (ECU), motors, and mechanical steering gears. The power generated by EPS depends on the size of the motor, the current, and the gear ratio of the gearbox. The ZHAOWEI gear motor for the EPS systems provides higher stability and reliability and is suitable for the automobile industry. 

Through the analysis and design of the electrical power steering gearbox, ZHAOWEI adjusts the structure of the gearbox and improves the precision of the gear. The gear-assisted EPS motor is connected to the micro gear of speed reduction mechanism to directly drive the gear assist steering, so the EPS can reduce the dynamics and angle changes that rugged terrain feeds back to the steering wheel, reducing the sensitivity and improving the stability of the vehicle without shaking.

Electrical Power Steering (EPS) Motor

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