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Electric Toothbrush Gearbox

Electric toothbrushes have become a common fixture in household bathrooms. While some people worry that the strength of electric toothbrushes will cause harm to the teeth and gums, using an electric toothbrush is actually a safe and effective choice to add to your daily routine. However, it can be difficult for new users to control the brushing intensity.

Project Description

ZHAOWEI is experienced in the development of miniature gearboxes and has designed and developed a gearbox suitable for electric toothbrushes. With the combination of a permanent magnet DC motor and a planetary gearbox, the miniature gearbox module has the advantages of a compact structure and stable torque.


  1. Clean deep and leave your mouth feeling fresh
  2. Save time and effort

Traditional electric toothbrushes rotate using DC brushed motors and a worm gear drive. However, due to the limitation in gear accuracy and transmission mode, the output torque and rotation speed are reduced as the force increases during the brushing process. ZHAOWEI doesn’t use worm drives or an unreliable transmission method. Instead, we’ve adopted a permanent magnet DC motor and a precision planetary gearbox structure, achieving a balance of output force and a constant speed.

Electric Toothbrush Gear Motors

Electric Toothbrush Gear Motors

Low RPM Gearbox

Low RPM Gearbox

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