DC Gear Motor

The DC gear motor is a general DC motor coupled with a matching gearbox. The Direct Current (DC) motor is a rotating electrical device that converts direct current, of electrical energy, into mechanical energy. The role of the gearbox is to provide lower speed and higher torque. At the same time, different gear ratio of the gearbox can provide different speed and torque. This will greatly increase the use of DC motors in the automation industry. DC gear motor refers to the combination of reducer and motor, also commonly known as a gear reducer. It often features high transmission precision, small volume, low noise, durability, low energy consumption, long service life, etc.


According to the motor type adopted, the DC gear motor can be divided into brushless DC gear motor (BLDC gear motor), brush DC gear motor, stepper gear motor, etc. The differences between brushless DC gear motor and brushed DC gear motor is explained here. The DC gear motor mainly comes to reduce the output speed. As the motor is equipped with the reducer, the speed of the motor can be reduced. Furthermore, it can not only reduce the speed but also improve the output torque of the motor. It also can reduce the inertia of the load. The gear ratio expresses the ratio of the output torque to the input torque. The output torque here can not exceed the rated torque of the gear motor.


DC gear motors are widely used in intelligent automobiles, intelligent communication, intelligent robot, intelligent logistics, smart city, electronic products, personal care tools, industrial automation equipment, smart home, precision instrument, outdoor adventure equipment, photography equipment, etc.

3.4MM Planetary Gear Motor

3.4MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBMD003003-XXX
Voltage: 1.5-5V
Speed: 3.5 – 300 rpm
Torque: 0.06 – 4.12mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 5/25/125/625:1
Load Current: 100 mA-220 mA

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4mm DC Gear Motor Gearbox

4MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBMD004004-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 1.5-5V
Speed: 2.4 – 300 rpm
Torque: 0.02 – 16.67mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 5/25/125/625:1

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6MM DC Gear Motor 4

6MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBPD006006-XXXX
Rated Voltage: 3-12V
No Load Speed: 11-3824 rpm
No Load Current: 40 mA
Rated Load Speed: 10-3229 rpm
Rated Load Current: 100 mA

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8MM DC Gear Motor-4

8MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWPD008008-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 3 – 12.0V
Speed: 14 – 3111 rpm
Torque: 0.4 – 37.7mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 4 – 809:1

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10MM DC Gear Motor-4

10MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBMD010010-XXX
Rated Voltage: 3-24 V
No Load Speed: 20-4318 rpm
No-load Current: 60-80 mA
Rated Load Speed: 18-3625 rpm
Rated Load Current: 215-220 mA

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12MM DC Gear Motor 4

12MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWMD012012-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 3.0 – 24.0V
Speed: 7 – 254 rpm
Torque: 4.5 – 117.1mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 4 – 1296:1

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16MM DC Gear Motor 4

16MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBPD016016-XXX
Voltage: 3-24 V
No-load Speed: 4-1,373 rpm
No-load Current: 85-110 mA
Rated Load Speed: 3-1,125 rpm
Rated Load Current: 130-150 mA

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10MM DC Gear Motor 4

20MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBMD020020-XXX
Rated Voltage: 3-24 V
No-load Speed: 7-1,636 rpm
No-load Current: 70-90 mA
Rated Load Speed: 7-1,420 rpm
Rated Load Current: 125-130 mA

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22MM DC Gear Motor-4

22MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBMD022022-XXX
Rated Voltage: 3-24 V
No-load Speed: 6-1,886 rpm
No-load Current: 100-120 mA
Rated Load Speed: 5-1,675 rpm
Rated Load Current: 295-300 mA

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24MM DC Gear Motor 4

24MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBPD024024-XXX
Rated Voltage: 3-24 V
No-load Speed: 5-1,460 rpm
No-load Current: 70-80 mA
Rated Load Speed: 4-1,259 rpm
Rated Load Current: 215-220 mA

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28MM DC Gear Motor-4

28MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBPD028028-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 3 – 24.0V
Speed: 5 – 1658 rpm
Torque: 25.6 – 1471.1mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 4 – 1296:1

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32MM DC Gear Motor-4

32MM DC Gear Motor

Model: ZWBPD032032-XXX
Gear Stages: 1 – 4
Voltage: 3.0 – 24.0V
Speed: 5 – 1348 rpm
Torque: 38 – 1961mN.m
Reduction Ratio: 4 – 1076:1

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