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Zhaowei has developed and realized the drive of miniature spur gear, planetary gear, powder metallurgy gear, worm gear, and complete reduction gear box motor.
Micro gearbox from research and development, prototype design, testing to manufacturing.We offer customized solutions

What we do

Manufacturer of DC,BLDC, stepper geared motors, gearheads micro transmission gearbox

What can we do

We provide traditional solutions for automobile, medical transmission, intelligent home, robot,CE products etc.

Our Services

from research & development, prototyping & testing, up to assembling and serial manufacturing.

Plastic standard planetary gearbox

is composed of 1-4 grade POM plastic planetary gear structure, with low transmission noise, a little higher durability, diameter from 6-32mm, transmission ratio from 4-1296:1 optional, in addition to the standard gear box we are also good at providing customized solutions

Metal standard planetary gear box

is composed of 1-4 grade metal powder metallurgy/metal powder metallurgy +POM planetary gear structure, with high transmission precision, large output torque, a little higher durability, diameter from 3.4-45mm, transmission ratio from 4-1296:1 optional, in addition to the standard gear box we are also good at providing customized solutions

Custom your product online

ZHAOWEI can solve the challenges of micre-gear drive systems quickly and economically.With the existing gearbox solutions, we can quickly design and develop gearbox solutions according to your requirements.We provide efficient services according to requirements.

Automobile applications

Zhaowei devotes itself to the design and production of micro transmission mechanism of automobile microelectronics, electric tail door, EPB, electric window, steering wheel adjustment, electric seat, damping controller and so on.We provide you with customized solutions.


Communication Equipment

4G/5G base stations usually need to be resistant to high and low temperature, so the accuracy and service life of the transmission must withstand the influence of temperature in various regions and high and low altitude, so our gear box has the characteristics of small size, large torque, low noise, high efficiency, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance.


Home automation

For many years, ZHAOWEI has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the Home automation market, enabling intelligent home to serve our lives and hoping to create a healthier and simpler life for customers through our efforts.We have mature application cases in electric curtain, sweeper, intelligent cabinet, intelligent wardrobe, household appliances and other fields


Medical technology

ZHAOWEI has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the medical drive systems for many years.For example: automatic drip-drive control,Surgical stapling device,Scalp and visage massager and etc.


CE Products

Mobile phone camera, surveillance camera, electronic cigarette, power tools and other transmission mechanism application solutions


personal care

Zhaowei company specializes in r&d, manufacturing and customization of micro gearbox technology. With its comprehensive technology portfolio, zhaowei company provides integrated solutions and manufacturing of micro transmission system for automobile manufacturers, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical technology, robotics, communication equipment and technology and other fields.Zhaowei continuously strengthens the r&d and innovative application of driveline system in the field of digital connection and automation.Please be assured that mega power products will always meet your needs


Intelligent Robots

Control equipment runs smoothly and at high speed, and realize the function of high efficiency and speed regulation.Safe low noise Design small and precision transmission system to achieve small volume and large torque. Customize the driver solution of your product online


Customize your drive solution

We customize innovative product transmission solutions for you,ell us what you need and we can work together to achieve a win-win situation.


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Industry Experience

Drive solutions and manufacturing experience over 18 years.

Brilliant Team

engineering team dedicated to providing driven solutions for customized product

Creative & Professional

Micro drive innovation is our mission

Gear testing center

Ensuring the Precision and Stability of Gear Drive

Quality System

IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO9001


Because acting with ZHAOWEI ipsum – from research & development, prototyping & testing, up to assembling and serial manufacturing your reliable partner in drive technology.
Over 5136 project experience-Common Choice of Transmission Industry
The research and development team of ZHAOWEI covers micro gear and gearbox design, precision mold design and processing, injection and assembly automation, gear testing ,transmission system testing and other fields.

Complete supply and production chain

Drive solutions and manufacturing experience over 18 years – Over 5136 project experience

Welcome to ZHAOWEI!

About Our Company

Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2001,We provide the drive solutions for customers from design, tooling fabrication, components manufacturing and assembly.



We have independent r&d, design, production and after-sales service teams.


We continue to innovate, developed a 3.4mm micro gearbox.


SAP production information management system and creates a manufacturing collaborative management production center.

Quality Control

From the mold to the assembly of finished products, we conduct quality inspection through the quality control laboratory of each link.


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