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what is gear motor

What is Gear Motor?

What is gear motor? Gear motor, also known as gear reduction motor, refers to the integration of gearbox and motor. Here is a detailed introduction.

What is Small DC Gear Motor?

Small DC gear motor, namely gear reducer, is an ordinary DC motor coupled with the matching micro gearbox. The role of the gearbox is to provide lower speed and higher torque.

What is DC motor torque

What is DC Motor Torque?

What is DC motor torque? A torque motor is a specialized form of DC electric motor which can operate indefinitely while stalled, without incurring damage. In this mode of operation, the motor will apply a steady torque to the load.

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Types of DC Motor Models

Gear motor is a piece of relatively precise equipment that is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque. Here are the types of DC motor models.