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How to Choose A Mini DC Motor?

Generally, a DC motor is a motor that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy. The movement of the DC motor is rotary.

 As for a mini DC motor, it has a small size, low power & voltage, whose diameter may be measured in millimeter.

What is A Planetary Gear Motor Used for?

A planetary gear motor is a kind of commonly used reduction equipment. The main structure of planetary gearbox (planetary gearheads) consists of planetary gears, sun gears, ring gear and planet carrier.

Introduction of Commonly Used Gear Reduction Motor

Motor with gear reducer is called gear reduction motor, which is a widely used reduction transmission equipment. Gear reducers are generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment.

Micro Drive Drives for Tailgate

Micro Drive Drives the Development of Global Tailgate Market

ZHAOWEI has adopted micro-drive technology to optimize the automobile electric tailgate zipper case. By optimizing the cable gear of the whole tailgate and adjusting the cable structure, high torque of electric cable and low noise of gearbox can be achieved.