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Differences of Small Gear Motors

These types will be divided into 2 sets: small brushed DC gear motor VS small brushless DC gear motor, small stepper gear motor VS small servo gear motor.

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What Can Gear Motors Be Used for?

The gear motors can be applied for smart home, precision medical technology, consumer electronics, intelligent robot, home appliance, personal care, etc.

How to Choose the Voltage of A Mini DC Motor?

A DC motor is a motor that converts direct current electrical power into mechanical power. The DC motor is generally composed of two parts: a stator and a rotor. Here is a passage about how to choosing the voltage of mini DC motor.

Characteristics and Types of Gear Reducers

The gear reducer is a widely used reduction transmission equipment. The main transmission structure is integrated by the drive motor (motor) and gearbox (reducer). It is also called “gear motor”.

Key Points of Gear Motor Assembly

The gear motor transforms the high-speed rotation of the motor into the lower speed and higher torque required in mechanical equipment mainly by using several pairs of gear transmissions.

What Are the Applications of the Planetary Reducer?

Planetary reducer is a widely used reduction transmission equipment, which can reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque. The planetary gear reducer has the characteristics of power splitting and multi-tooth meshing.

What is Planetary Gear Set?

The planetary gear set is made up of the planet gear, sun gear, and inner ring. A set of planet gear is called a single-stage planetary gearbox. The stage number of planetary gear refers to the number of the planet gear set. A planetary reducer consists of a planetary gearbox and a motor.

An Introduction to Small DC Motor

A small DC motor refers to a rotating motor whose output or input is DC electric energy, also called a micro DC motor. It is the earliest invention of a device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

General Types of Micro Gear Motor

Micro gear motors can be divided into so many different types according to different standards. This passage will introduce several commonly used micro gear motors.