Common causes of gear failure

The phenomenon that a gear is damaged for some reason during its work, causing it to lose its normal working ability is called failure. There are many types of failures of gears. If adopt good material for gears of geared motor,it will reducer some gear failures. Common forms and causes of failure are:   1, Tooth surface wear…

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Why choose gear drive system?

There are many types of mechanical drives, which can be divided into two categories: one is the friction transmission that transmits power and motion by friction between the parts, including belt drive, rope drive and friction wheel drive. Such drive are generally not used in high power applications and do not guarantee accurate gear ratios.…

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Why choose plastic geared motor?

We has two material geared motor,including plastic and metal. They means that the gear material of the geared motor is plastic or metal. In fact,our metal gears include power metallurgy and hardware processing. But in fact, whatever metal and plastic gears,they have their own advantages and disadvantages.What we’re talking about is why we choose plastic…

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What do we sell?

If you are still confused about our product,the article is helpful for you,then I’ll briefly introduce our products.   Firstly,let’s me introduce our company. Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter,ZHAOWEI ) was established in 2001,and we provide the drive solutions for customers from design, tooling fabrication, components manufacturing and assembly.   Standard geared motors Secondly,this is…

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What’s the use of a geared motor?

The geared motor is a transmission reducer. The main transmission structure is assembled by the drive motor, the drive shaft and the gear box. It has the functions of connection, transmission, deceleration and lifting torque. The deceleration principle is to drive the high-speed power through the small gear drives the large gear to achieve the…

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Introduction of 12V DC Micro Motor products

The 12V DC micro motor is a low-power precision reducer. The main structure is a DC motor and a reduction gear box, which are connected by a drive shaft. In order to improve product efficiency and reduce customer procurement costs, we usually entrust the reducer manufacturers to provide services, which mainly include customized services such…

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small planetary gearbox

How to reduce the noise of gear reducer?

The main reasons for the noise of the gear reducer is the conflict of the transmission gear, the vibration, maintenance, gearbox How to reduce the noise of gear reducerparameter design, component aging (damage) and bumping, etc. , the following 7 reasons are summarized and maintenance methods. 1. Gear reducer maintenance Many scholars regard the change…

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miniature gear motor

Why choose planetary gear drive?

Why choose planetary gear drive?There may be many reasons for this, but in the final analysis it is because of the advantages of planetary gear transmission. A planetary gearbox is composed of a planet ring gear, a sun gear, a planet wheel gear wheel shaft.The next i will introduce its features. small volume,light,compact structure, Large…

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micro planetary gearbox

How to check a micromotor completely?

In order to make a micromotor operated,it’s necessary to check its operation condition. But how to check it completely, here are five aspects to monitor the micromotor operation.   1.Monitoring temperature When the micromotor is running normally, it will heat up and the temperature will rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the allowable limit, the…

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