Consumer Electronics Drive

Gear Motor for Telescopic Lens

Voltage: 3.0 – 7.0V
Direction of Rotation: cw&ccw
Frequency: 24000PPS
Stroke: 6-15MM
Time: 0.2 – 1.5S
Thrust: customizable

Gear Motor for Gamepad

Outer Diameter: customizable
Material: metal
Direction of Rotation: cw&ccw
Backlash of Gearbox: ≤2°(customizable)
Bearing: porous bearing; rolling bearing
Axial Endplay: ≤0.1mm (porous bearing); ≤0.1mm (rolling bearing)

Turntable Tonearm Lift Motor

Voltage: 3.0-24V
Stroke: 6-15MM
Time for a Stroke: 0.2-1.5S
Thrust: Customizable
Radial Loads on Output Shaft: Customizable
Operating Temperature: -20……+80℃