Electrical power steering(EPS)

Electrical power steering(EPS)

EPS is the abbreviation of Electric Power Steering. The electric power steering system is the development direction of the automobile steering system, and is mainly composed of a torque sensor, a vehicle speed sensor, an motor, a speed reduction mechanism, and an electronic control unit (ECU). The system provides steering assist directly from the motor, eliminating the need for power steering oil pumps, hoses, hydraulic oil, conveyor belts and pulleys mounted on the engine to save energy and protect the environment. In addition, it has the characteristics of simple adjustment, flexible assembly and steering assistance in a variety of situations. The electric steering of the car can greatly reduce the difficulty of the driver to adjust the steering wheel, improve the stability of the operation, and also greatly save the space. It is a comfortable configuration.

When the driver performs steering on the steering wheel, the torque sensor detects the steering of the steering wheel and the magnitude of the torque, and transmits the voltage signal to the ECU.The electronic control unit issues instructions to the motor control according to the torque voltage signal,direction of rotation,speed signal detected by the torque sensor,making the electric motor output a steering assist torque of a corresponding magnitude and direction,thereby generating auxiliary power. When the car is not steering, the ECU does not issue an instruction to the motor controller, and the motor does not work,which is smart and efficient.

The motor and reduction geabrox from ZHAOWEI for EPS
The assist force of the EPS depends on the size of the motor, the current, and the reduction ratio of the speed reduction mechanism from ZHAOWEI.
The motor used in the EPS system is a DC servo motor. Its main features are as follows:wide speed range, easy to adjust smoothly,overload,torque are large,easy to control, high reliability,the energy loss is small at the time of adjusting speed, the torque is smooth when loading and the noise is small.And the motors from ZHAOWEI meets the features. Meanwhile, the reduction ratio of the speed reduction mechanism affects the assist force of the EPS.in order to meet the needs of high quality,Zhaowei analyzed and studied the key technical assistance characteristics of the EPS. According to the mathematical model and the characteristics of the assisting characteristics,zhaowei proposes a solutions of the motor and reduction geabrox for EPS.

The above the gearbox for EPS is developed for specific customers, only as a gearbox scheme display.But ZHAOWEI can custom products according to requirements.

Electrical power steering gearbox

Electrical power steering gear motor

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