5rpm Gear Motor

ZHAOWEI 5rpm gear motor utilizes the combination of planetary gearheads and motors. There are multiple diameters available for the 5 rpm gear motors, from 3.4mm to 38mm. Voltage range: 1.5-24V; Torque range: 50-30000gf.cm; Reduction ratio range: 4-1076; Operating temperature: -20……+100℃

1. Metal & plastic planetary gearheads available. Robust construction makes the gear motor more reliable.
2. High torque. The 5rpm gear motors can be used for relatively heavy load. They are able to sustain intermittent or sudden load changes.
3. Small size. Diameter can be as small as 3.4mm, making it suitable for small space operation.
4. Low backlash (≤2°) makes it possible for high accuracy. Therefore, these gear motors are ideal for precise positioning applications.
5. High efficiency. The planetary gearheads have 4 stages available. The efficiency is up to 90%.
6. Low noise. Precise cutting & meshing technology reduces error of gear teeth, enabling low-noise gearboxes.
7. All specifications can be customized. Parameters, like voltage, reduction ratio, torque, backlash, shaft, bearings, etc. can be customized.
Motor Specifications
Motors (Optional) Coreless motor, stepper motor, BLDC motor, brushed DC motor
Voltage 1.5-24V
Input Speed ≤30000rpm
Current 50-300mA
Gearbox Specifications
Model Rated Speed Continuous Torque Gear Ratio Overall Length (mm)
ZWBMD003003-625 2.4rpm 50-150gf.cm 625 15.25
ZWBMD004004-625 2.4rpm 70-200gf.cm 625 23.1
ZWBPD006006-1708 4rpm 250-600gf.cm 1708 30.9
ZWBMD006006-1708 4rpm 600-1500gf.cm 1708 30.9
ZWMD038038-1526 5rpm 80000-240000gf.cm 1526 126.7
Product Photo
Use Cases

Automobile: Electric Park Brake (EPB), Electric Power Steering (EPS), Adaptive Front-lighting System, etc.
Smart Home: Smart Toilet Pump, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Lock, etc.
Intelligent Robot: Robot Joint, Intelligent Robot Nurse, etc.
Consumer Electronics: Full Screen Phone Camera, PTZ Camera, Bike Lock, etc.
Communication Technology: Base Station Antenna, Base Station Cabinet Lock, etc.
Medical Technology: Surgical Stapling Device, Pulse Lavage System, IV Pump, etc.
Personal Care: Intelligent Toothbrush, Hair Curler, etc.

Note: All specifications can be customized.

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