ZHAOWEI drive opens up your smart life
Connect a variety of devices to improve unlocking stability, convenience and locking security.
Say goodbye to keys, enjoy smart life. The IoT intelligent lock puts the keys into your smartphone. With the application of cloud intelligence and IoT technology, Zhaowei intelligent lock drive solution can make the unlocking stable and reliable!
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ZHAOWEI Intelligent Lock Drive Markets
Intelligent Drive Carries The Future
Zhaowei is helping to create the 5G future by improving gear drive technology that can realize the functions of home automation, intelligent health, automatic driving, drone distribution systems, virtual reality and more.


Product diameter: 3.4 mm to 38 mm, power:0.01-40 W, output speed:5-2000 rpm, reduction ratio:5-1500, output torque:1


Our products have compact size, small gap, high torque, high efficiency and smooth running and high reliability. The normal temperature accelerate life test reaches 300,000 times.


The Product’s 2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage transmission, reduction ratio, input speed, torque and other parameters can be customized as required to meet different intelligent drive needs.