Production with Craftsmanship
On-Demand Customization
ZHAOWEI is committed to providing reliable micro drive systems!

Support Bracket

customize according to actual application

Drive Screw

produce based on efficiency & precision requirements

Planetary Gearbox

sun gear + planet gear + inner ring gear φ3.4mm,φ4mm,φ5mm

Stepper Motor

φ4.3mm,φ5mm(square wave drive)

Markets of Micro Lift Drive System
Planetary gearbox and drive screw (coaxial) can be applied in 5G communication, intelligent robot, smart home, consumer electronics, etc. They feature compact size, high efficiency, high reliability.


Product diameter: 3.4 mm to 38 mm, power: 0.01-40 W, output speed: 5-2000 rpm, reduction ratio: 5-1500, output torque: 1


ZHAOWEI’s gear motor features compact size, small gap, high torque, high efficiency and smooth running and high reliability. Life test under normal temperature reaches 300,000 times.


2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage transmissions are optional. Reduction ratio, input speed, torque and other parameters can be customized as required to meet different needs.