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Intelligent Robot Vacuum Drive Systems
ZHAOWEI achieved low noise and high torque of geared motor for robot vacuum by optimizing and designing gear and tooth profile of gear motor for robot vacuum, making use of parallel-shaft gears. To prevent breakdown of motor resulted from hair stuck into the driving device, we optimized the gearbox structure of the main brush to efficiently improve the service life of the product.
  • Twining hair damages motor

  • Loud noise

  • Insufficient climbing force

Module for Robot Vacuum Gear Motor
ZHAOWEI parallel-shaft gearbox for robot vacuum transmits motion and driving force depending on the engagement of driving gear and driven gear. Compared with other transmissions, ZHAOWEI geared motor has the characteristics below:

1.strong adaptability

2.stable transmission ratio

3.high working reliability and long service life

4.can transmit motion between any two axes

5.high precision of gear, low noise and low vibration

  • Small Volume

  • High Torque

  • Low Noise

  • Long Life

Generally speaking, the cleaning ability of the robot vacuum cleaner is related to the brush structure, the design and the suction power of the motor. Robot vacuum with greater suction, has better cleaning ability, but the electricity consumption and noise will accordingly increase. Mainly being used at motion components including driving gear, main brush and edge-sweeping brush, ZHAOWEI gearbox module for robot vacuum meets the requirements of low noise, long service life and high efficiency.
Having A Brilliant Future, Visual System Of Robot Vacuum
Laser programming guidance system and V-SLAM visual guidance system are integrated into robot vacuum for navigation. Together with the rise-down module or rotation module for camera, drive system for robot vacuum enjoys a brilliant future.
ZHAOWEI, Miniature Drive System Manufacturer
Uniting and supplying gear drive systems, encoders and drive electronics for different kinds of robots,
ZHAOWEI helps customers to achieve upgrade of product intelligence.

Finish Machining Center

There are multiple types of machining equipment in ZHAOWEI mold manufacturing center, such as AGIE wire cut machine, AGIE EDM, Sodick wire cut machine, MAKINO, FANUC, RODERS, HAMAI hobbing machine and WAHLI. All of these come to improve machining precision.

Gear Test Center

OSAKA SEIMITSU CLP-35S gear test center focuses on testing spur gears, helical gears, worm gear and internal gear tooth profile error (adjacent, single, cumulative) and radial runout, then generate test reports. DIA-COME internal and external tooth measuring instrument makes it possible to quickly switch between the internal and external gear inner diameter and outer diameter measurement form, measuring by adjusting the test force.

Introducing EMC Laboratory

ZHAOWEI introduced EMC laboratories at the early stage of establishment to allow the electronic drive devices or systems to operate normally in electromagnetic environment without generating intolerable electromagnetic interference to any other equipment.

Quality Control

ZHAOWEI has imported ZEISS 3D Measuring Instruments, Werth testers from Germany, OSAKS Seimitsu CLP-35 and OSAKS Gear testers from Japan, OGP plane testers, METTLER TOLEDO Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers from Switzerland and other testers, which greatly improves the quality of products.

Intelligent Motion Control

Miniature and low-cost are key topics of every modern technological revolution, and drive system for sweeping robot is no exception. ZHAOWEI drive module for sweeping robot using stable and reliable frequency changer, motor, and gearbox product combined with coupling, having a compact and modularized design. Characterized by strong torque, low vibration, great impact resistance, big loading capacity and small volume, product of ZHAOWEI can meet transmission requirement of six degrees of freedom robots.

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