Intelligent Charging Pile Drive System

ZHAOWEI acts as a provider of gear drive system for energy vehicle (EV) charging station, who is committed to customization from design concept to assembly of gear drive systems for EV charging station.

“Green-car Subsidy” Turns into “Charging Pile Subsidy”
How will the Charging Pile Market React?

The function of the charging pile is similar to the refueling machine in a gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall, installed in public (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and community parking lots or charging stations. Charging pile of different voltage can charge different types of electric vehicles.
Charging pile electromagnetic locks becomes more and more popular, but the technological progress is relatively slow. This makes the products developed by large companies, which consume large capital have no obvious advantage over ordinary products of small companies. Many customers may know little about technical parameters and only care about functions and prices, which gives many small charging pile electromagnetic lock companies that are fighting price wars an opportunity.
Beneficial from the new infrastructure, the charging piles market still have problems of insufficient supply, “difficult to maintain" and "many failures". Making charging piles easy to use, safe and durable is a goal that many new energy vehicle charging pile manufacturers need to achieve urgently. Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd is adopting micro-drive technology to optimize the locking gearbox structure of charging piles.
Constant innovation has been made in structure and space design to improve reliability and reduce the total cost. The charging pile locking gear motor also has the characteristics of high torque rigidity, low vibration, strong impact resistance, large carrying capacity, large starting power, and high transmission efficiency, which can better meet the transmission needs of smart cars.

Customization: Intelligent Charging Pile Gear Motor

  • Small Size

  • High Torque

  • Low Noise

  • Long Service life

  • Safe & Stable

ZHAOWEI gear motor for charging pile lock includes: a locking pin and a locking execution part of the electronic lock of the charging pile (the tie rod and the first connecting shaft). The lock transmission module can drive the lock pin to reciprocate linearly through the bar. ZHAOWEI drive system for charging pile electronic lock adds a bar chute to the manual unlocking module, to realize the relative independence of the electronic lock module and the manual unlocking module. During the unlocking process, the electronic lock module does not drive the manual unlocking module to move together, which reduces the resistance of the electromagnetic lock module and improves the smoothness and reliability of the electronic lock module. All in all, it reduces the failure rate and realizes charging.

Based on the analysis of the structure of charging pile module, the charging pile lock uses a reduction gearbox and a lead screw to keep the charging plug buckled in the socket when the charging pile is moving forward, achieving the anti-disengagement function. When charging is completed (in reverse movement) and the charging plug will be disengaged from the socket to achieve the unlocking function. The charging plug is locked during charging to prevent it from falling off and loosening. (General charging pile lock will get loose after 100-time use. So customers need to use hand to hold it.)

While with the combination of electronic lock and charging plug, the fee will be charged when the electronic lock is locked. When the electronic lock is unlocked, it stops charging fee and the power is disconnected. The vehicle system accurately senses that the electronic lock is disconnected to determine the completion of charging. It can prevent electric shock and improve safety. The electronic lock can be a billing trigger point.

The system issues a charging command, then the electronic lock will be locked. Thus, the plug is firmly locked on the socket to prevent it from falling off and allow for a reliable connection. When the charging is completed, the system sends an unlocking signal and the electronic lock turns to unlock status and feedback the status to the system. It can realize safe charging and improve charging efficiency.

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ZHAOWEI, the Manufacturer of Micro Drive System

Provide transmission components of intelligent charging station for motion optimization to help realize intelligentization upgrade of products.

Finish Machining Center

There are multiple types of machining equipment in ZHAOWEI mold manufacturing center, such as AGIE wire cut machine, AGIE EDM, Sodick wire cut machine, MAKINO, FANUC, RODERS, HAMAI hobbing machine and WAHLI. All of these come to improve machining precision.

Quality Control

ZHAOWEI has imported ZEISS 3D Measuring Instruments, Werth testers from Germany, OSAKS Seimitsu CLP-35 and OSAKS Gear testers from Japan, OGP plane testers, METTLER TOLEDO Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers from Switzerland and other testers, which greatly improves the quality of products.

Intelligent Motion Control

Miniaturization and cost reduction are the key themes of almost every modern technological revolution. The linear actuator drive system is no exception. ZHAOWEI linear drive module combines a stable and reliable inverter, motor, coupling and gearbox. It has a compact and modular design, which improves performance while reducing total cost. The product has the characteristics of high torsional rigidity, small vibration, high bearing capacity, small size and low noise.

Gear Test Center

OSAKA SEIMITSU CLP-35S gear test center focuses on testing spur gears, helical gears, worm gear and internal gear tooth profile error (adjacent, single, cumulative) and radial runout, then generate test reports.[view]

DIA-COME internal and external tooth measuring instrument makes it possible to quickly switch between the internal and external gear inner diameter and outer diameter measurement form, measuring by adjusting the test force.

Adopt MITUTOYO SUEFTEST SJ-41D surface roughness measuring system to check the surface roughness of gear profile. Test results passed JIS (JISB0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JISB0601-1982), VDA, ISO-199 and ANSI. In addition to the calculation results, the combined calculation results and evaluation profile, load curve and amplitude distribution curve can be displayed.

Introducing EMC Test Laboratory

ZHAOWEI introduced EMC laboratories at the early stage of establishment to allow the electronic drive devices or systems to operate normally in electromagnetic environment without generating intolerable electromagnetic interference to any other equipment.