Micro Transmission System

Launches New Era of Intelligent TV

It ranges from lifting AI camera for TV to retractable audio for TV.
Just as every industrial transformation changes the trend of times,
every reform of ZHAOWEI products is attributed to ingenuity and wisdom.
Only for helping customers quick respond to market needs and achieve a vision of better life.

Unlock Next-generation TV
Feel Unlimited Possibilities
  • AI Lifting Camera

    Not only for Watching, But also for Interacting

    ZHAOWEI Lifting Module for TV Camera
    Add New Dimension to Social TV in Age of 5G

  • 3D Audio

    Surround Sound Experience

    ZHAOWEI Retractable Audio Module for Smart Speaker
    Create A Home Theater Experience Easily

  • Different Angles

    Same Shock

    ZHAOWEI Rotating Screen Transmission Structure
    A TV Function That Knows You Better & More Intelligent

Micro Transmission System
Small yet Strong
  • Small Size

  • High Torque

  • Low Noise

  • Long Service Life

  • Safe & Stable

Lifting Module for TV AI Camera

Retractable Smart Speaker Module for TV

Screen Flipping Module for TV

More Micro Transmission Solutions
Awaits You Here