Intelligent Transmission
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Smart Life, Starts From Now

ZHAOWEI is shaping smart life by micro-gear transmission technology, which can be used for the automation of smart door and windows in the fields of home automation.

The Intelligentization of Electric Curtain

The development of technology keeps pushing us forward. Enjoying convenient life has become the pursuit of more and more people. Smart electric curtains make life more comfortable and intelligent.

The noise is a problem in the daily operation of curtain motors. Curtains are used in home or office, where noise requirements are high. The troublesome noise is the hum of the motor and the mechanical sound caused by resonance conduction of motor. Therefore, the motor and the performance of the drive determine the noise level. ZHAOWEI adopts herringbone gear design to solve the problem of large noise of the tubular planetary motor, which greatly improves the quality of life.

Customization of Gearbox for Electric Curtain

  • Small Size

  • High Torque

  • Low Noise

  • Long Service life

  • Safe & Stable

Most existing gearboxes used for driving curtains, doors and windows have multi-stage involute planetary gear transmission structure. Mechanical brakes or electric brake are built into the gearbox. This structure has the following defects: low transmission efficiency, high running noise, poor self-locking ability of the brake device and unstable product performance.

ZHAOWEI gearbox for curtain and blinds consists of involute planetary gear reduction mechanism and cycloidal gear reduction mechanism. The power of the involute planetary gear reduction mechanism is transmitted to the cycloidal gear reduction mechanism. The involute planetary gear reduction mechanism includes a planet gear and a sun gear. The planetary gear has a mandrel, which is fixedly connected to a first planet carrier. The cycloidal gear reduction mechanism includes a camshaft, whose end is fixedly connected to the first planetary carrier. A cycloidal gear is set on the cam of the camshaft and a pin wheel is provided outside the cycloidal gear,

so that the cycloidal gear can be cycloided and rotated around the camshaft. There is a pin connected to the output shaft on the cycloidal gear, so that the power decelerated by the cycloidal gear reduction mechanism can be transmitted to the output shaft through the pin. Due to its single-stage transmission ratio, it has small size, high transmission efficiency and low noise, compared to general planetary gearbox. Due to the cycloidal movement of the cycloidal gear which makes the cycloidal gear and the pin wheel squeezes each other, the movement coincidence is large, so it has good self-locking performance, which can protect curtains and blinds.

Customize Micro Drive System for Electric Curtain Online

More Gear Motor Options For Doors and Windows

ZHAOWEI provides customers with smart door/window transmission module. Gear motors for doors/windows can be customized.

More Automatic Door/Window Transmission Module

ZHAOWEI gear motors for smart door/window, more intelligent, more convenient and more diversified.

  • Electric Soft Sheer Curtain

  • Electric Awning

  • Electric Roman Shade

  • Electric Venetian Blinds

  • Electric Rolling Blinds

  • Electric Venetian Blinds Copy

  • Electric Roll-up Door

  • Electric Window Opener

  • Electric Projection Screen

  • Electric Vertical Blinds

  • Electric Honeycomb Blinds

  • Electric Clothes Drying Rack

ZHAOWEI, the Manufacturer of Micro Drive System

Provide transmission components of various smart door and window to help realize intelligentization upgrade of products.

Finish Machining Center

There are multiple types of machining equipment in ZHAOWEI mold manufacturing center, such as AGIE wire cut machine, AGIE EDM, Sodick wire cut machine, MAKINO, FANUC, RODERS, HAMAI hobbing machine and WAHLI. All of these come to improve machining precision.

Quality Control

ZHAOWEI has imported ZEISS 3D Measuring Instruments, Werth testers from Germany, OSAKS Seimitsu CLP-35 and OSAKS Gear testers from Japan, OGP plane testers, METTLER TOLEDO Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers from Switzerland and other testers, which greatly improves quality of products.

Intelligent Motion Control

Miniaturization and cost reduction are the key themes of almost every modern technological revolution. The automatic door/window transmission system is no exception. ZHAOWEI automatic door/window gearbox module combines a stable and reliable inverter, motor, coupling and gearbox. It has a compact and modular design, which improves performance while reducing total cost. The product has the characteristics of high torsional rigidity, small vibration, high bearing capacity, small size and low noise.

Gear Test Center

OSAKA SEIMITSU CLP-35S gear test center, mainly tests spur gears, helical gears, worm gear and internal gear tooth profile error (adjacent, single, cumulative) and radial runout, then generate test reports.[view]

DIA-COME internal and external tooth measuring instrument can quickly switch between the internal and external gear inner diameter and outer diameter measurement form, measuring by adjusting the test force.

Adopt MITUTOYO SUEFTEST SJ-41D surface roughness measuring system to check the surface roughness of gear profile. Test results passed JIS (JISB0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JISB0601-1982), VDA, ISO-199 and ANSI. In addition to the calculation results, the combined calculation results and evaluation profile, load curve and amplitude distribution curve can be displayed.

Introducing EMC Test Laboratory

ZHAOWEI introduced EMC laboratories in the early stage of establishment to allow the electronic drive devices or systems to operate normally in electromagnetic environment without generating intolerable electromagnetic interference to any other equipment.