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Established in 2001, completed its IPO in 2020, Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd (Stock abbr: ZHAOWEI; Stock code:003021), whose headquarter is in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province with a registered capital of 171.301664 million RMB is an experienced company that designs, develops and manufactures precision transmission systems. ZHAOWEI provides customers with transmission design, mold manufacturing, part production and assembly services. Driven by the mission of “precise, micro, and high torque,” ZHAOWEI has long focused on product research, covering transmission principles& material research, motor & molding design, injection & assembly automation, as well as gear and drive system testing.
Main Products:
●  A wide range of precision gear motors and planetary gearboxes with the following diameters: 3.4, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22, 28, 32, 38 mm, voltages: 1.5–24V, power: 0.01–40W, output speed: 5–2000rpm, reduction ratio: 5–1500, output torque: 1 gf. cm–50
●  Encoder and control system modules

Tooling Development

Gear Tooling Design

Tooling design of gear is different from traditional mold design,it need actual experience data to adjust the gear tooth thickness, modulus, pressure angle, also the tooling manufacture can not based on the theory shrinkage rate of material directly, our advantages are:

On the basis of KISSSOFT, we independently developed the parametric calculation software of plastic gear mold cavity according to our working experience. The software can create the model of gear profile and modify the gear shape to enhance the pricision of gear profile .

After the gear model created by the software , it can be used to machine manufucture by the wire cutting and EDM , so that the precision of tooling fabrication is enhanced.

Gearbox Design Platform

Mold Flow Analysis

2 mold flow analysisers with 8 years working experience on material reseach and have postgraduate diploma .

Can accurately predict the product deformation, shrinkage, position of material lack, air trapped and other defects, also give the corresponding solutions .

Can compare the different tooling desgin and choose a best option;

Optimize the molding parameters to enhance the efficiency of tooling pilot injection .

Mold Flow Analysis

Gearbox Design

Gearbox Design Platform

Our gearbox design platform is a patent in ZhaoWei Compnay, it can create the precise model of planetary gear system with involute 、bevel gear 、spur gear the parameter calculation automatically. The advantage of this platform is combinated with the idea design, structure design, gear shape design and mold flow analysis etc.

The platform of gearbox design has obviously characters on the reasonable distribution of modified coefficient ,optimization of meshing angle,slip rate and coincidence area verification . Also, it has excellent advantages in interference analysis, improvement of gearbox working efficience, noise, working life etc.complex technical problems .

Gearbox Design Platform

Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis

In the design stage of gear and gearbox, use kinematic simulation to analyse and verify rotation situation and interference position. Also, use the finite element analysis technology and ANSYS Multiphysics module to analyse and verify the tooth surface strength of the arc gear and bevel gear in order to ensure the reliability of product .

Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis

Precise Fabrication and Quality Assurance

Precision Precessing Center

Tool manufacturing center have many high-precision processing machines , including AGIE wire cutting and AGIE EDM from Switzerland, Sodick wire cutting from Japan , MAKINO 、 FANUC and RODERS CNC, HAMAI hobbing machine from Japan and Switzerland WAHLI , to ensure the processing precision and enhance manufacturing effeicency.

Precision Precessing Center

Quality Control

Many high-precision measurement Devices such as Germany Zeiss coordinate measuring machine, WERTH CMM, Japan Osaka gear measuring center, Japan Osaka gear meshing device, OGP plane detector, Swiss thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) etc. , to ensure the product quality .

Quality Control

Automated Production

Part Production Center

Injection molding workshop has more than 100 injection molding machines such as Sumitomo, FANAC, SODIC brands. We pay attention to the improvement of molding technology and production efficiency, apply the cavity pressure technology to sort the good and defect parts automatically, also use SAP production information management system to ensure a reliable and comprehensive cooperation management production center.

Part Production Center

Automation Line for Components

100% of injection machines are equipped by servo mechanical control to ensure production rate and consistency.

Servo mechanical control can keep automatic sorting.

To increase automation as much as we can.

Automation Line for Components

Assembly Production Line

→ 40 production lines currently for assembling transmission mechanisms, gear boxes and gear motors.

→ 6 automated assembly lines, production capacity is 3,000,000 units a month .

→ We are always researching and improving the assembly lines, apply the lean production and industrial engineering

technology to the processing of assembly , so that ensure the product quality, enchance production efficiency and reduce the cost constantly .

Assembly Production Line

Automatic Assembling Lines

All auto-assembling lines are equipped with servo manipulator to improve production efficiency and ensure the consistency of production and quality. It applies image recognition, robotic hands and EPSON system with advanced 、stable and reliable processes to cooperative complete gearbox assembly.

Automatic Assembling Lines


Market Areas

ZHAOWEI, Micro System Drive System Manufacturer,Our Products are widely used in automobiles,communication devices, home automation,medical applications,consumer electronics,intelligent robots and so on. We also provide customization services for customers


ZHAOWEI Established And First Company Logo

ZHAOWEI made its first appearance in 2001 with the dedication in electrical and mechanical industrial.

Core Motor Parts &Precision gear parts

In 2005, ZHAOWEI established the concept of “ Precision, Micro and High Torque” , in which we laid the foundation for our the smallest planetary gear box with diameter 3.4mm and indeed made a breakthrough in domestic industry, and made sure it can be align with key motor parts, served for Panasonic, Sanyo and Sankyo, and key gear parts, served for Canon, Nikon and Asia Optical.

Automotive gear parts

When in 2008, ZHAOWEI shifted focus to automotive parts, where plastic gears, metal powder metallurgy gears and machine processing gears are all available, and built mutual win-win cooperation with a variety of well-known enterprises including Bosch, Brose, Tokyo Electron, Denso, Toyota, BYD and Great Wall.

Micro gearboxes

In 2009, ZHAOWEI’s micro gearbox appealed to those companies who seek for reliable partners and worked in close collaborations with GREE, Tencent, DOOYA, Somfy, AUX and STANDARD. The refinement in gear parts barely meet the need of ZHAOWEI in expanding it’s business and influencing more fields.

Micro Gearbox Transmission

By 2011, ZHAOWEI had accumulated substantial successful development experience in motor and gear, and in this year, we put emphasis on micro gear transmission system which could be applied in five major fields: automobile intelligent, communication equipment, medical technology, smart home and consumer electronics. Accompanied with our top priority in quality, we established long-term strategic partnerships with many world‘s top 500 companies such as BOSCH and Huawei. With the incremental improvement in drive gearbox

Drive System

In 2017, ZHAOWEI began to focus on research and develop drive system solutions. This year, we designed motor gearboxes for automobiles, gearboxes for medical electronics, embedded software, and smart hardware.

ZHAOWEI Industrial Park was established and put into use

The successful initial public offering in late 2017 provided ZHAOWEI with enormous impetus to the further advancement in precision drive systems. Our Micro Drive Industrial Park are now in ready, devoted to providing customized intelligent drive services for customers.


In 2020, Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. (Stock abbr: ZHAOWEI; Stock code:003021) got listed on A-shares in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Also, we won the 6th China Grand Awards for Industry(for micro drive systems of intelligent equipment) and the China Manufacturing Single Championship (micro drive system) at the same year.

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