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Drive Systems for Consumer Electronics

Gear motors, and controls for VR Headset, logistics cameras, camera lifting,full-screen phone camera,smart lock,dishwasher pump, electric screwdriver,automatic litter box, smart bike lock, intelligent lift socket, and electric toothbrush

Consumer Electronics Products

Lens Calibration Motor

Lens Calibration Motor

Product Description: ZHAOWEI lens calibration drive system is composed of 6mm DC coreless motors and 6mm plastic planetary gearboxes.It has a compact structure and takes up small space,as well as has
Central Control Screen Oscillating&Rotation  Actuator

Central Control Screen Oscillating&Rotation Actuator

Product Introduction: ZHAOWEI’s oscillating&rotating central control screen drive system integrates the oscillating actuator and the rotating actuator. Among them, the oscillating actuator adopts
Rollable Screen Phone Drive Motor

Rollable Screen Phone Drive Motor

ZHAOWEI targeted to launch a rollable screen drive system solution to ensure smooth and low noise of mobile expansion.
Water Flosser Motor

Water Flosser Motor

ZHAOWEI water flosser drive system adopts a motor to drive a gearbox with a specific structure, and leads a piston to reciprocate and spray water from a micro-hole at high frequency and high pressure.
Camera Lifting Motor

Camera Lifting Motor

The camera gear motor provided by ZHAOWEI includes the lifting drive system with both coaxial and parallel-shaft screws and the rotation system formed by planetary gearhead and gears (circular motion).
Full-Screen Phone Camera Motor

Full-Screen Phone Camera Motor

ZHAOWEI proudly offers the gear motor (3.4MM, 4MM and 5MM) which can be applied to the rotation and lifting of full-screen mobile phone cameras.

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Making Your Consumer Products Smarter. Configurable & Customized Solutions.

The smart networking and automation of different devices and functions noticeably increase consumer product living comfort and make everyday life easier.

ZHAOWEI has outstanding experience in the motor drive motion application for VR headset, logistics cameras, camera lifting,full-screen phone camera,smart lock,dishwasher pump,electric screwdriver,automatic litter box, smart bike lock,intelligent lift socket,and electric toothbrush. We can offer customers configurable & customized solutions.Fully customizable drives.90% energy efficient.

Our micromotors move everything that has to be rotated with high precision & reliability.

we offer several types of gear motors for you to choose from & provide power to your products.

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