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Stepper Gear Motor

ZHAOWEI offers stepper gear motor that consists of stepper motor, high precision planetary gearbox or spur gearbox. It not only has the precise positioning of the stepper motor, but also increases the torque and reduces the speed under the action of the gearbox. Its unique design of stepper gear motor from ZHAOWEI allows for several key benefits:

  • Comapct size, low noise
  • Accurate positioning in fine steps
  • Diameters as small as 3.4 mm
  • Rated speed as low as 2.4 rpm
  • Torque up to 7845.29 mNm
  • Gear ratios ranging from 5 to 1707:1
  • Wide range of voltages you can choose from 1.5V to 24V

Stepper gear motors from ZHAOWEI are ideal for low speed and high torque positioning applications, suitable for many industrials. According to the different materials of gearbox, we distinguish standard metal stepper gear motor and plastic gear motor, and also provide customized stepper gear motor to meet your needs perfectly.

micro small stepper geard motor

Standard Stepper Gear Motors

Diameter Voltage Range
Rated Speed Range
Max.Torque Range Reduction Ratio Specification
(mNm) ( Plastic Metal
3.4mm 3V customization 4.90mNm 5-625 pdf download Details
4.3mm 3V customization 13.72mNm 6-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
6mm 3-12V 4-1563 rpm 24.51-58.83mNm 4.8-1707.9 pdf download pdf download Details
8mm 3-12V 14-3361 rpm 4.90-73.55mNm 3.6-809.1 pdf download pdf download Details
10mm 3-24V 17-3917 rpm 49.03-98.07mNm 3-809 pdf download pdf download Details
12mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 1.96-198.13mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
16mm 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 294.2-490.33mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
20mm 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 588.4-980.66mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
22mm 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 784.53-1470.99mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
24mm 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 1470.99-1961.32mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
28mm 3-24V 5-1658 rpm 1470.99-3922.65mNm 4-1296 pdf download pdf download Details
32mm 3-24V 7-469 rpm 2941.98-4903.31mNm 16-1078 pdf download pdf download Details
38mm 3-24V 4-1525 rpm 7845.29mNm 4-1525 pdf download Details

Available Accessories

Customized Case Of Stepper Gear Motor

Lead Screw Lifting Stepper Motor
Rated Torque Max. (
Direction of Rotation
Stroke Length
Stroke Time

Screw Lifting Stepper Motor

Rotating Motor Gearbox
50DB (test in 10cm)
Direction of Rotation
Stroke Time

Rotating Motor Gearbox


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