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Micro Brushless Gear Motor

Brushless dc motor (BLDC motor) has the characteristics of low interference, low noise and long life, and has become a widely used product. Based on its excellent performance, it is combined with a high-precision planetary gearbox, which greatly improve the torque of the motor and reduce the speed, suitable for many application fields.

According to the different materials of gearbox, we distinguish metal brushless gear motor and plastic gear motor, metal brushless gear motor has a higher torque; Its unique design of BLDC Gear Motor from ZHAOWEI allows for several key benefits:

  •  Compact size, Low noise
  • Wide range of voltages you can choose from
  • Diameters as small as 12 mm
  • Rated speed as low as 4rpm
  • Torque up to 7845.29 mNm
  • High torque, low Speed
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments
  • Long service life

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Brushless Gear Motor

Standard Brushless Gear Motor

Diameter Voltage Range
Rated Speed Range
Max.Torque Range Reduction Ratio Specification
(mNm) ( Plastic Metal
12mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 19.61-196.13 mNm 300-2000 4-1296 pdf download pdf download
16mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 294.2-490.33 mNm 3000-5000 4-1296 pdf download pdf download
20mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 588.4-980.66 mNm 6000-10000 4-1296 pdf download pdf download
22mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 784.53-1470.99 mNm 8000-15000 4-1296 pdf download pdf download
24mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 6-1875 rpm 1470.99-1961.32 mNm 15000-20000 4-1296 pdf download pdf download
28mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 5-1658 rpm 1470.99-3922.65 mNm 15000-40000 4-1296 pdf download pdf download
32mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 7-469 rpm 2941.98-4903.31 mNm 30000-50000 16-1078 pdf download pdf download
38mm Brushless Motor 3-24V 4-1525 rpm 7845.29 mNm 80000 4-1526 pdf download

Available Accessories

Customized Case Of Brushless Gear Motor

Fitness Equipment Brushless Motor
Load Current
2.3A MAX
Load Speed
No-load Current
1.6A MAX
No-load Speed
Reduction Ratio
Max Rated Torque

Fitness Equipment Brushless Motor

Robot Joint Brushless Servo Motor
1.22 A
Rated Speed
Rated Torque Max. (
Operating Temperature
Angle of Rotation

Robot Joint Brushless Servo Motor

Sliding Soundbar Brushless Motor
Load Current
1.5A MAX
No-load Current
400mA MAX
No-load Speed
Operating Temperature
Operating Life
>300,000 times

Sliding Soundbar Brushless Motor


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