Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd.

Development process & Quality inspection

Both standard products and customized products have clear and mature development processes

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Automated Manufacturing Center

ZHAOWEI owns advanced flexible manufacturing and automated manufacturing capabilities. It introduced MES and automated production lines which can effectively improve production flexibility, ensure product quality, achieve savings & efficiency. ZHAOWEI automated manufacturing center won the honor of the tertiary maturity of intelligent manufacturing.

One-stop Micro Drive Systems Manufacturing

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Core Parts Manufacturing

ZHAOWEI is one of the few enterprises in China that can develop and manufacture micro precision transmission parts using a variety of manufacturing processes including plastic injection molding, powder metallurgy molding, metal powder injection molding and metal machining and a variety of materials.


Micro Motor Control Manufacturing

ZHAOWEI is committed to the field of micro transmission and owns self-developed PCBA micro motor control system and Siemens PCB line. ZHAOWEI products can meet the high-standard requirements of the automotive industry.


Micro and Special Motor Manufacturing

ZHAOWEI focuses on the field of micro and high-efficiency motors and has a professional R&D team. Up to now, ZHAOWEI has owned multiple platforms for micro PM stepper motors, high-speed hollow cup and high power and density brushless DC motors.


ZHAOWEI -Micro Drive System Manufacturer

Committed to the development and production of precision drive systems and providing customers with intelligent drive solutions and customized services for the production and assembly of precision parts.

Customized Solutions

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