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Brushed DC Gear Motor

ZHAOWEI provides many Brushed DC Motor samples for customers to reference, and with a specific reduction ratio of the gearbox or the corresponding encoder, rapid integration and design of DC Motor Solutions that meet or exceed customer needs. Our brushed DC Motors can be customized in the range of 1.5 ~ 36V and 40~100,000rpm, and are fully used in the fields of smart hom e appliances, automotive, Telecommucation,Consumer Electronics,medical healthcare,robotics and power tools,

Customization Range:

  1. Additional voltage types
  2. Connecting cables (PTFE and PVC) and connectors
  3. Configurable shaft length and second shaft end
  4. Modified shaft dimensions and pinion configurations such as flats, gears, pulleys and eccenters
  5. Extended temperature range
  6. Vacuum compatibility (e.g., 9-5 Pa)
  7. Modifications for high speed and / or high load applications
  8. Modifications for motors with increased electrical or mechanical tolerance requirements
Brushed Gear Motor

Modular DC Gear Motor

Diameter Voltage Range
Rated Speed Range
Max.Torque Range
Reduction Ratio Motor Type
6mm 12V 55-12333 rpm 1.96-29mNm 3.9-853.7 Brushed DC Motor Details
8mm 12V 25-6375 rpm 9.8-98mNm 4-1024 Brushed DC Motor Details
10mm 12V 10-7361rpm 5-150mNm 4-3125 Brushed DC Motor Details
12mm 12V 18-1836rpm 28-350mNm 16-1526 Brushed DC Motor Details
16mm 12V 69rpm 595mNm 138 Brushed DC Motor Details
19mm 12V 45rpm 1052mNm 138 Brushed DC Motor Details
20mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 588.4-980.66mNm 4-1296 Brushed DC Motor Details
22mm 24V 4-1482rpm 54-19252mNm 3.71-1526 Brushed DC Motor Details
26mm 24V 8-747rpm 284-26036.6mNm 16-1526 Brushed DC Motor Details
24mm 3-24V 6-1875rpm 1470.99-1961.32mNm 4-1296 Brushed DC Motor Details
32mm 24V 30rpm 3167.5 mNm 138 Brushed DC Motor Details
28mm 3-24V 5-1658rpm 1470.99-1961.32mNm 4-1296 Brushed DC Motor Details
38mm 24V 31-1836rpm 451-25183.4mNm 3.9-231 Brushed DC Motor Details
42mm 24V 5-1836rpm 451-160790mNm 3.9-1526 Brushed DC Motor Details

Part Customized Products

Fit Customer Requirements

Our Products

From off-the-shelf gear motor, components to fully validated and tested complex mechanisms, choose our gearbox with dc motor inline, encoder, controller, and drive systems partner you can trust.

Planetary Gears

Planetary Gears

ZHAOWEI developes high performance modular gearheads to complement each of its motor technologies.

From high torque planetary technology in a variety materials, to low backlash spur gears, ZHAOWEI has the right solution.The all metal or plastic input-stage geartrain assures extremely quiet running.

Motors and Drive Electronics

Motors and Drive Electronics

Iron-core, coreless and brushless DC motor technologies in a wide range of form factors and sizes, with off the shelf sampling.

For higher positioning and speed control, ZHAOWEI provides a wide range of encoders and controllers to combine with the DC-, brushless, and stepper motors

Custom Assemblies

Custom Assemblies

Shaft: Length, Diameter, Type D, Thread.Winding: Wire Diameter, Number of Turns, Temperature Range.

Bearing: Rolling Bearing, Plain Bearing.

Electrical Connection: Lead Length, Size, Material, Connector Specification. Flange: Mounting Boss, Thread, positioning locking screw hole.

Output element: pinion, pulley

According to the needs of different customers, ZHAOWEI can change the output parts structure, internal process parameters, electrical connection, and other factors (for example heterosexual shaft, high-speed bearing, flange thread connection, special cable, etc.) You bring great convenience and deliver the products you need on-time more reliably and efficiently.

From Zero to N Complete products Solutions

01 Professional Solutions

ZHAOWEI professional R&D team provides market-oriented and customer-based options in order to offer cost-effective solutions according to customer needs.

03 Exclusive Design

ZHAOWEI offers customizable services If standard products do not meet customers needs; we can modify the standard product or develop new products to meet specific needs.

05 Automated Production

ZHAOWEI owns more than hundred automated production lines which provide high-quality, high-efficiency and high-stability in mass production.Standard products delivered in 15 daysand customizable products delivered in 30 days.


02Product Options

ZHAOWEI is able to accurately and effectively meet any challenging orders with prototyping and rapid product design implementation and to provide best solutions for customers.

04Standard Gearbox

ZHAOWEI has hundreds of thousands of sets of motor molds covering a wide range of micro motor and gearbox products, which enables customers to exactly get expected products from an off-the shelf solution

06 Follow-up Services

ZHAOWEI professionally trained after-sales service team owns rich project management experience to follow up timely of customer demands.

Micro dirves are widely used in all walks of life

you can provide you product requirements to our marketing and sales staff,and we will select or design suitable combinations

Automative Drive

Automative Drive

 car flip logo, automotive tailgate, car spolier,EPB,car flush door handle,charging pile actuator, automotive roof monitor, two-wheeler ABS,electric bicycle battery lock

Electronic Product  Drive

Electronic Product Drive

glasses focus adjustment,VR headset ipd adjustment,pop-up phone camera,rotating phone camera,motorized pan & tilt head

Robot Drive

Robot Drive

robot joint,qrobot head rotation,robot flip base

Smart Home Drive

Smart Home Drive

robot vacuum,vacuum cleaner,TV pop-up camera, rotating screen, extendable soundbar, frudge door opening and closing,electric curtain,door lock,smart rotating speaker,sensor trash can flip Lid,smart toilet lid, standing up desk

Telecommunications  Drive

Telecommunications Drive

base station antenna,antenna remote electrical tilt actuator, video conference equipment

Medical Technology Drive

Medical Technology Drive

insulin pump,smart infusion pump,orthopedic sugery lavage systems

Industrial Equipment Drive

Industrial Equipment Drive

industrial valve,feed mixer,circut breaker

Virtual Reality Drive

Virtual Reality Drive

glasses focus adjustment,VR headset ipd adjustment

Beauty and Health Care, Sports Drive

Beauty and Health Care, Sports Drive

foot massageers,massager,water flosser,fitness equipment,skincare devices, kids abdominal massage

Tell Us About Your Application Requirements

ZHAOWEI team is glad to help you choose the right micro gear motor to optimize your application. Please fill out the form below with the necessary information and our representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

Customer Service

ZHAOWEI’s micro drive systems apply in diverse areas all around the world to deliver the power, precision, and efficiency to motion solutions. Our sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you with any questions, including quotation, application support, and product configuration. Please submit your requirements through our Custom Service Form to ensure a faster response.

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