01. Gear Mold Design

The micro gear is different from the traditional plastic mold design. The tooth thickness, modulus and pressure angle of the gear need to be modified based on empirical data, and cannot be directly processed based on the shrinkage rate. Our advantages:

Based on KISSsoft, ZHAOWEI has developed the cavity parameterization calculation software for plastic gear molds with many years of experience. The software can directly generate gear profile to modify and improve the gear precision. The generated gear  profile can be used in wire cutting machines and electric discharge machining to improve the precision of mold processing.

02.Mold flow analysis

We can accurately predict defects such as deformation, shrinkage, lack of glue, and trapped gas of the product, and give corresponding systems.

03.Conformal Cooling Technology

The traditional

The traditional cooling waterway adopts a straight-through type.

The conformal

Adopt 3D laser-printed technology
Design the cooling waterway according to the product structure
Process complex cooling waterway
Improve cooling efficiency, make the quality more stable, and improve production efficiency.

04.Gearbox Design Platform

ZHAOWEI integrated design platform for gearbox can realize the automation parameter design, tooth profile drawing and 3D modeling of the involute planetary gear system, bevel gear and face gear. The design platform has scheme design, structure design, gear shape design and simulation analysis.

Involute gear mechanism

Non-involute gear mechanism

Gear design and 3D modeling

Cylindrical gear modeling platform
NGW planetary system
NGWN planetary system
NW planetary system

Optimize parameters and check

Matching gear platform in the planetary system
Parallel shaft gear pair calculation
Force checking of gear pair
Efficiency calculation of transmission pair

Design of cycloid transmission mechanism
Design platform for spur and bevel gear pairs
Arc and bevel gear pair design platform
Face gear transmission pair design platform

Figure 2. Gear Design Module Framework

Advantages of the Gearbox Design Platform

It has distinctive features in the calculation of displacement coefficient distribution, meshing angle optimization calculation, slip ratio and coincidence degree. Optimizing displacement coefficient and planetary gear verification can solve the technical problems of gearbox efficiency, noise and service life. At the same time, the finite element analysis of the tooth surface strength of the spiral tooth and bevel gear helps to improve the reliability of the product.

Figure 1. Profile modification and modeling of straight bevel gear pair
Figure 3. Right allocation of planetary system modification coefficients of Involute Gear System and Planetary Gear Calibration