Comprehensive gearbox design platform

The gearbox design platform of ZHAOWEI ’ s independent intellectual property rights realizes the automatic parameter design of involute gear structures and solve the technological problems of the efficiency, noise and service life of gearboxes.


Solution Design


Structure Design


Gear Tooth design


Simulation Analysis

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CES Simulation Analysis

Performing dynamic simulation and strength check on the transmission system, shortening products development cycles and redesign times and designing more reasonable products that meet customer requirements.


Noise Analysis

Adopting Danish B&K acoustic analysis system for acoustic vibration experiment analysis.

Micro Motor Control Development

Committed to micro drive and motor control module development


Software Design

Modular software development enables online debugging of parameters


Hardware Design

Small and integrated design that meets automotive standards


Test Standard

Well-established test standards based on national standards

ZHAOWEI -Micro Drive System Manufacturer

Committed to the development and production of precision drive systems and providing customers with intelligent drive solutions and customized services for the production and assembly of precision parts.

Customized Solutions

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