Brushless Coreless  Motor

Brushless Coreless Motor

High Performance

Elevate magnet steel design with high-performance sintered NdFeB, emphasizing iron coercivity. Decrease outer diameter, reducing rotational inertia and enhancing air cooling through increased electromagnetic air gap.
Revolutionize stator cores for optimal performance: boost volume, secure a vacuum-tight surface, and directly bond wires to enhance heat dissipation and insulation reliability.

Note: The single motor is not sold separately, and needs to be sold as a whole with the gearbox


High eficiency


Low noise


Dynamic start-stop operation

ironless or iron core winding.

ZHAOWEI BLDC motors: Key information at a glance.

Customize the configuration for your application as required. Please contact us for more solutions, this will be the right choice for you

Diameter Rated Voltage Speed Constant Stall torque(mNm) Stall Current Max. efficiency (%)
6mm 12V 5283rpm/V 1.7mNm 0.85A 6
8mm 12V 25500rpm 3.5mNm 1.65A 67
10mm 12V 3747rpm/V 9mNm 2.75A 71
12mm 12V 2383rpm/V 8.9mNm 2A 67
* above specifications are for reference only.the specific parameters can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

Our Product Portfolio.

Individual, innovative solutions for every requirement

Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

High deceleration ratio, large output torque high transmission accuracy small clearance
Super gearbox

Super Gearbox

High power transmission efficiency transferring large amounts of power with minimal power loss


Magnetic encoder highly compact design

Application Areas

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