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Advantages of Planetary Gearbox

1. High torque: With more teeth in contact, the mechanism can transmit and withstand greater torque in a more uniform manner.
2. Durable and efficient: The bearing can reduce friction by connecting the shaft directly to the gearbox. It allows for better rolling and smooth running, simultaneously enhancing efficiency.
3. Impressive precision: The rotation angle is fixed, which improves the accuracy and stability of the rotation movement.
4. Compact size: The planetary gear motor can be compact and small due to the planetary structure, in which multiple gears mesh together and orbit around a sun gear.
5. Low-noise: The multiple gears enable more surface contact. Rolling is much softer, and jumps are virtually nonexistent.

Model Max. Transmittable Power Max. Continuous Input Speed Max. Continuous Torque Bearing at Output Operating Temperature
ZWSMD006006 0.6W 0.03Nm 40000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃
ZWSMD008008 0.84W 0.1Nm 12000rpm Ball bearing -30…+85℃
ZWSMD010010 1.6W 0.15Nm 12000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃
ZWSMD012012 2.2W 0.35Nm 16000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃
ZWSMD016016 8W 0.9Nm 16000rpm Ball bearing -30…+100℃
ZWSMD019019 15W 2Nm 14000rpm Ball bearing -30…+100℃
ZWSMD022022 66W 5.5Nm 8000rpm Ball bearing -30…+100℃
ZWSMD026026 60W 6.3Nm 10000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃
ZWSMD032032 242W 12.6Nm 6000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃
ZWSMD038038 185W 9.3Nm 7000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃
ZWSMD042042 650W 35Nm 6000rpm Ball bearing -40…+100℃

Customization Small Gearbox

ZHAOWEI offers customer-based planetary gearbox solutions with extended choice of materials and gearbox features. Planetary gearbox can be combined with motors, including DC motor, stepper motor, and corelsss motor, to achieve high output torque, smooth output speed, and high work efficiency.

Specifications are as follows: Diameter: 3.4mm–38mm; Voltage: under 24V; Output power: under 50W; Output speed: 5rpm–2000rpm; Speed ratio: 5–1500; Output torque: 1.0–

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ZHAOWEI’s micro drive systems apply in diverse areas all around the world to deliver the power, precision, and efficiency to motion solutions. Our sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you with any questions, including quotation, application support, and product configuration. Please submit your requirements through our Custom Service Form to ensure a faster response.

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