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Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gear motor, also known as planetary geared motor, consists of planetary-type gearbox and a DC motor with the features of speed reduction, high transmission efficiency, smooth power output and high torque. The planetary gearbox contains the planet gear, sun gear and outer ring gear, whose structure has the functions of shunting, deceleration and multi-tooth meshing to improve the output torque, better adaptability and work efficiency. The specifications of planetary gear motor series can be customized according to various needs.

Modular Standard Gears

Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers

ZHAOWEI Gearbox offers a standard solution for planetary gears in form of a highly modular system. Depending on your specific requirements, over 10,000 different gear configurations can be provided for the diameter range from 3.4mm to 38mm.

For customized applications and first fast samples
Selected modular standard gears
For small and medium-sized production runs
Short delivery times
Large variety of diameters, materials, reduction gears
Adaptation output and motor side upon request
Application of large production series know-how in development and manufacturing

Module Voltage
Reduction Ratio Rated Speed(npm) Rated Torque
Overall Length
3.4mm Gear Motor 1.5-5V 5-625 2.4–300rpm 10.75-15.25mm
4mm Gear Motor 1.5-5V 5-625 2.4-300.0rpm 18.6-23.1mm
6mm Gear Motor 3-12V 4.8-1707.9 4-1563rpm 23.7-30.9mm
8mm Gear Motor 3-12V 3.6-809.1 14-3111rpm 23.1-31.2mm
10mm Gear Motor 3-24V 3-809 17-3917rpm 24.7-34.0mm
12mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1296 6-1875rpm 24.5-35.9mm
16mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1296 6-1875rpm 38.4-48.3mm
20mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1296 6-1875rpm 42.7-58.6mm
22mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1296 6-1875rpm 57.5-79.4mm
24mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1296 6-1875rpm 49.3-69.45mm
28mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1296 5-1658rpm 58.1-83.6mm
32mm Gear Motor 3-24V 16-1078 7-469rpm 78.2-98.2mm
38mm Gear Motor 3-24V 4-1526 4-1525rpm 87.7-126.7mm

Customization Gears

The ZHAOWEI custimize gears stands for specifically optimized solutions developed by ZHAOWEI Gear for interbranch applications.

all gearbox features are available
additional adaption of geometry to suit gear components
extended choice of materials
combination of different product line diameters within a single gear drive
For large production runs
Over 10,000 metal and/or plastic configuration options
Extended customer-specific adaptation possible
Development support with regard to technology and "supply chain design"
Worldwide manufacturing options
Automated large series production and assembly

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Automobile Drive

Intelligent Robot Drive

Customize Your Product Online

ZHAOWEI can provide micro-gear drive systems quickly and economically.With the existing experience of gear drive systems,we can design and develop ideal products according to your requirements with better service