Gear Motor for Touchless Faucet

The drive system for the touchless faucet is combined with an automatic motion sensor, a set of motor and planetary gearbox, which enables the faucet to turn on in 3 seconds.


Gear Motors for Electric Wine Bottles Opener

Electric wine bottle opener delivers portable convenience and effortless performance compared to the traditional wine bottle opener. The electric wine bottle opener can remove the cork in seconds without breaking small pieces, which free our hands and make our life easier. The drive system for electric wine bottle opener consists of a set of planetary…

Gear Motor for Touchless Trash Can

The touchless trash can is a sensor trash can using a motion sensor to control the trash can on and off, which frees people’s hands. Compared with the traditional trash can, it adds a set of electronic components and mechanical drive components to realizes smart control. The dive system for touchless trash can consists of…

Gear Motor for Mobile Robot Chassis

Mobile Robot refers to the automatic guided vehicle (AGV), which is a portable robot that follows along marked long lines or wires on the floor, or uses radio waves, vision cameras, magnets, or lasers for navigation. The drive system for the mobile robot chassis enables the robot to move forward and change direction, consisting of…

Gear Motor for Robot Vacuum

Nowadays, the robot vacuum is one of the most popular household devices to help people do cleaning, which has the advantage of anti-tangle, anti-drop, automatic cleaning, and automatic charging. With strong suction, robot vacuums can pick up more dust and particles than traditional vacuum cleaners. The drive system for robot vacuum consists of a set…

Gear Motor for Smart Bike Lock

Smart bike locks are widely used in our daily life, with which people can lock their smart bicycle in their smartphones. The gear motor for smart bike lock realizes auto-locking by Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi signal to replace the physical key. ZHAOWEI micro drive system applied in smart bike lock can precisely control the lock…

Gear Motor for Vending Machines

With the development of the internet and artificial intelligence, vending machines can be found everywhere. Various kinds of devices of different goods have become essential equipment in many places. The drive system for vending machines realizes the intelligent running of the devices through the arc circular motion of the planetary gearbox. The planetary gearbox can…

Gear Motor for Rotation Screen

Gear Motor for TV Rotation Screen

The Drive system for the rotation screen realizes the TV screen rotation through the arc circular motion of the planetary gearbox.