Gear Motor in the 5G Applications

The invention of 5G opens a new era of the Internet of Things (LoT), fastening the networked transformation, digitized transformation, and intelligentized transformation in various fields such as industrial production, medical education, smart home, urban management.

Printer Gear Motor

The drive system for printer, consisting of a set of planetary gearbox and drive motor, enables the printer to print automatically.

Dental Drill Motor

The drive system for dental drill consists of a drive motor and the planetary gearbox with a controller, which can precisely control the torque and speed.


Lift Chair Motor

The lift chair is chosen by many people instead of the traditional sofa, which is comfortable as well as space-saving. Press the button, the micro motor and the push rod gearbox will control the footrest under the chair lifting slowly.

Window Motor

The drive system for the window lifter consists of a drive motor and gearboxes, to ensure smooth lifting.

Garage Door Motor

The roll-up door is the most common garage door, which is driven by the drive system, consisting of a drive motor and planetary gearbox.


Washing Machine Motor

The washing machine is driven by the BLDC gear motor drive system with the advantage of constant and stable output torque and output speed.