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Introduction EMC Test Laboratory

With the increasing complexity of the electromagnetic environment in our living space and the widespread application of electronic technology in various industries,the problems of EMC in electronic drives will become increasingly prominent,so the corresponding testing methods must be improved,ZHAOWEI introduce the EMC laboratory at the early stage of construction so that the produced electronic drive equipment or systems can meet the operating requirements in its electromagentic environment and does not produce unberarable electomagnetic interface to any equipment in the environment.

the EMC laboratory,in strict accordance with the laboratory quality assurance system ISO/IEC 17025 operation,hardware includes:996 dark room,743 dark room,conductive shielding room,ESD test room,anti-interference laboratory,All Equipment introducted from Germany Rohde & Sehwarz,Schwarzbek,NSA,SVWSR and other companies in the industry lays the foundation for the laboratory to issue accurate and reliable testing data

Zeiss Computed Tomography (CT) from Germany

Zeiss METROTOM is a CT sensor based coordinate measuring machine that incorporates the features of X-ray computed tomography (CT) and coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Industrial CT positions in nondestructive crack detection, whose main applications lie in the internal defects, porosity, crack, impurities and the 3D assembly structure and so on. More importantly, it can be used for nondestructive geometry size measuring, digital-analog comparison on color deviation, and the analysis on nondestructive internal defects and color assembly structure. It features authoritative traceability of measuring performance, the core and high precision components of coordinate measuring machine, CAA error compensation, the calibration devices, and intelligent measuring platform.

Empowering Digitization

Miniaturization and cost reduction are the key themes of almost every modern technological revolution. The electronic drive system is no exception. Thanks to ZHAOWEI's micro-precision transmission technology, heat, power consumption, small size and noise are not a problem any more, no matter a brushless DC motor or a stepper motor is adopted. ZHAOWEI intelligent electronic drive system can make your machine more adaptable to the digital needs of the future development of the Internet of Things.

empowering digitization