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For higher positioning and speed control, ZHAOWEI provides a wide range of encoders to combine with the complete portfolio of ZHAOWEI DC, brushless, and stepper motors. In the area of encoders, ZHAOWEI offers 2- and 3-channel incremental magnetic and optical encoders with standard quadrature resolution from 16 to up to 10,000 pulses per revolution or single-turn absolute encoders with a resolution of up to 4 ,096 steps.

ZHAOWEI encoders: Optical encoders

Optical encoders are characterised by a very high position and repeat accuracy as well as a very high signal quality due to the precise measuring element. Furthermore, they are insensitive to magnetic interference. In optical encoders, a code disc with a measuring element is used that is attached to the shaft of the motor. A distinction is made here between reflective and transmissive optical encoders.

Robust encoders,DC tachometers, and resolvers with high accuracy and high signal resolution.Due to resonance,these are mainly mounted on moters with a continuous shaft. The assembly requires adjustment to the motors and may only be done in the delivery plant



Precision digital encoders for DC brushed and brushless moters,For positioning tasks and precise speed control.

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