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Functional principle of micro motors

Micro motors present a compelling array of selling points that distinguish them in the realm of electric motors. Their foremost attribute lies in their compact size, rendering them exceptionally well-suited for applications where space constraints are a critical consideration. Complementing this compactness is their low weight, a characteristic that proves advantageous in devices where minimizing weight is paramount. Beyond their physical attributes, micro motors boast high efficiency, facilitating effective energy conversion and thereby enhancing overall performance. What sets them apart further is their capacity for precision control, making them ideal for applications demanding accuracy and fine motor movements. Moreover, a notable feature is their low power consumption, a deliberate design choice that not only aligns with contemporary energy-efficient practices but also contributes to the overall sustainability of devices they power. In summary, the selling points of micro motors converge on their compactness, lightweight design, efficiency, precision control, and low power consumption, collectively making them pivotal components across a diverse range of technological applications.

What makes ZHAOWEI micro motors unique

In DC micro motors, commutation can occur through a mechanical sliding contact (with brushes) or electronically (brushless).

Brushed DC-motors from ZHAOWEI ailable with graphite or precious metal commutation. Graphite commutation is particularly robust and is ideally suited to dynamic high-performance applications. Precious metal commutation makes

extremely small DC motors possible. Brushed micro motors are very easy to control.

Brushless DC motors are adopted with ironless slotless motors. This innovative rotor structure completely eliminates electrical energy losses caused by eddy currents in the core, simultaneously significantly reducing its weight and rotational inertia. This reduction contributes to a substantial decrease in mechanical energy consumption within the rotor itself. The structural change in the rotor brings about a profound improvement in the operational characteristics of the electric motor. Not only does it exhibit outstanding energy-saving features, but, more importantly, it possesses control and traction characteristics that are unattainable by core-based electric motors.

The key benefits of this unique drive technology are:

1.Optimize Coil Design:

Utilize a new process of multi-layer winding and interlayer interleaving for coils, breaking away from the commonly used single-layer winding process in the industry. Ultimately, this achieves motor performance equivalent to international standards after assembly.

2.Optimize Magnet Steel Design:

2.1. Employ high-performance sintered NdFeB (especially with dysprosium-iron characteristics).

2.2. Reduce the outer diameter of the magnet steel to decrease rotational inertia, increase electromagnetic air gap, and facilitate air cooling.

3.Optimize Armature Core Design:

3.1. Increase the volume of the iron core, apply vacuum coating to the surface, directly bond the coil to the iron core, enhance heat dissipation by ensuring insulation reliability and enlarging the heat transfer area.

3.2. Increase the radial thickness of the iron core to reduce eddy current losses.

4.Optimize End Cap Design:

4.1. The plastic end cap has a well-rounded inner hole, excellent material characteristics, and, when combined with bearings, reduces radial and axial clearances, minimizing mechanical losses.

4.2. Employ a precision transitional fit between the plastic end cap and the inner hole of the housing to improve rotor coaxiality.

5.Optimize Hall Magnetic Steel Design:

5.1. Hall magnetic steel is easy to install on the shaft, preventing misoperations, and exhibits good processability.

5.2. Facilitate control of the angle between the Hall magnetic steel and the main magnetic field, improving electronic commutation accuracy.

Brushed DC Motor

19mm Brushed DC Motor

  • Length: 35mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V
  • Rated Torque : 11 mNm
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22mm Brushed DC Motor

  • Length: 30mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V
  • Rated Torque : 20 mNm
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24mm Brushed DC Motor

  • Length: 38mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V
  • Rated Torque : 24 mNm
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Brushless Coreless Motor

6mm Brushless Coreless Motor

  • Length: 23mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V 
  • Rated Torque : 1.7 mNm
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8mm Brushless Coreless Motor

  • Length: 24mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V
  • Rated Torque : 3.5 mNm
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10mm Brushless Coreless Motor

  • Length: 28mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V
  • Rated Torque : 9mNm
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12mm Brushless Coreless Motor

  • Length: 26mm
  • Voltage Rated : 12V
  • Rated Torque : 8.9 mNm
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