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Innovating by the micro drive module
To build a differentiated experience in the hard floor cleaner industry

The hard floor cleaner consists of roll brushes (brush plate + scraper + motor), suction motor, clear water tank, sewage tank, battery, LED display, etc. Most of the cleaners on the market are poor in cleaning capacity but sales in high price. ZHAOWEI’s hard floor cleaner drive module consists of high-performance DC motor and gear parallel transmission mechanism, which can provide dustproof and waterproof function according to the customer's need. When the sweeping signal is imputed, the driving gear mesh with the driven gear transmits power according to defined parameters to move the upright vacuum drum to sweep.

standard gearbox drive solutions of the hard floor cleaner

Rated Voltage: 18V
Rated Load:
Noise: 55dB

Gear Ratio: i≈16.47
Output Speed: 500RPM
Life: 500H+

*The specifications above can be customized.

From robot vacuums to hard floor cleaners. ZHAOWEI solves the market pain points,Empowering the hard floor cleaner to achieve business value

  • Upgrading from the vacuum cleaner
    Owning a comprehensive supply chain system
    ZHAOWEI has accumulated experience in smart home devices and has developed robot vacuum side brushes gearbox in collaboration with home appliance and smart home manufacturers. The products by ZHAOWEI have passed quality inspection with wide adaptability and a long life span.
  • Drive modules with small size, high torque, and long life span are able to be customized according to different requirements.
    The hard floor drive system has passed a series of quality tests such as noise test, life test, high and low-temperature test, etc.
  • Stable and precise
    Empowering the industry to upgrade
    Strictly comply with ISO management system
    Manufacturing with finishing, quality control, gear testing equipment

Small but complete

Intelligent cleaners applications

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Online sales of ZHAOWEI standard gearbox solutions of the hard floor cleaner


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