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Rollable Screen Phone Drive Motor


60Db MAX
1500pps 50ms-2344pps 2.97S


With the rapid development of terminal technology, flexible displays that can be bent and deformed, such as the use of folding screens in mobile phones, are gradually entering the market. However, on the one hand, this folding display is of poor convenience and requires manual adjustment by users, and on the other hand, the slight creases in the folded position will affect user experience. As a result, mobile devices with rollable displays are gradually being taken seriously by major mobile phone manufacturers, and some even call them the ultimate form of small-sized smart terminal screens.

                                                              Rollable Screen Phone Drive Motor

At present, the rollable screens generally control the motor to drive the screen track to expand through a button. The advantage of this approach is that there are no creases in the expanding process, which is convenient. However, in using this method, rollable screens require high-performance micro drive. On the one hand, the rollable screen and the expanding drive system itself are generally flattened in structure, which poses a challenge for the design of the drive module. On the other hand, a precise structure of the micro drive system is required to ensure smooth and low noise of the expansion as well.

                                                                Rollable Screen Phone Drive Motor                                                               


Committed in the field of micro-drive, ZHAOWEI targeted to launch the rollable screen drive system solution to solve the above problems.This solution brings together years of ZHAOWEI ’s R&D, design and manufacturing experience. In order to ensure the stability of the micro drive system, the preliminary R&D should ensure the meshing accuracy of gear tooth design as far as possible to eliminate the risk of jumping teeth to improve the transmission efficiency, and the later production should ensure product quality as well as the consistency of the staffs’ operating practices and proficiency. The micro and flattened drive system can be inserted in the narrow space of mobile phones, allowing the drive module to steadily push the rollable screen to expand smoothly and quietly, thus improving the user experience and helping mobile phone manufacturers solve the problem of rollable screen expansion.

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