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Products FAQ

Are your gearboxes reversible?

Yes, our planetary gearboxes allow for bidirectional operation.

How do I know whether to use a planetary or spur gearhead?

Planetary gearheads are typically used when high torques are needed in a limited space. Spur gear systems are used where low current consumption, low noise, and high efficiencies are needed. The negative tradeoffs for using planetary gearboxes are higher current consumption, lower efficiency, and higher audible noise. Currently we just provide planetary gearboxes

Where can I get the catalog/price list of your products?

Feel sorry to tell you that we don’t have the complete product catalog/price list as most of our products are customized according to our customer needs. Prices therefore depend on the actual items and quantities ordered.

How much would your solution cost for a motor gearbox encoder?

The price depends on your demand and the specification.

Is your product fire-proof/water-proof ?

Our product has been positioned as a precision component and there is no truly waterproof or fireproof product, but as long as the proper protection is taken, damage inflicted by the external can be reduced or even eliminated.

What is the MOQ on your product?

The MOQ of our standard product is 3000pcs, and the MOQ of our customized product is 3000pcs.But in the early stage , we could offer samples.

Do you have a controller/encoder together with the motor?

Yes, we offer a solution of a drive system including motor, gearboxes, controller/encoder, and the relevant parts.

Are you compatible with the case that we are now in prototyping stage?

Yes! whatever your need is, our customized drive system solution would help you meet it! Please feel free to contact us directly and let us know what you want.

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