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ZHAOWEI Drum Motor

The drum motor drive system integrates with planetary gearbox, drive motor, control module, power supply, and controller, which is compact, easy to assemble and well sealed. It applies the principle of differential gearbox to rotate the outer tube and then drive the large load conveyor move. Meanwhile, it offers a variety of different combination specifications of 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm lengths; φ 40, φ 50, φ 60 diameters, and 4W-60W power for customers to choose.

Compact construction

High load capacity

Quiet and convenient


Electric Drum Solution

Drum motor is a new type of drive device that combines a motor and a reducer in a roller, and it is mainly applied in industrial belt conveyor.However, due to the limited space inside the drum, the widely-used drive debugging and external power supply at present can make the structure cumbersome.

ZHAOWEI drum motor aims to solve the technical problems of intelligence and integration of the existing drum motor.


The visual touch button operation panel on ZHAOWEI drum motor product end face can visualize the data and make the operation more convenient.


The drum motor which integrates with planetary gearbox, drive motor, control module, power supply, switch and panel can make the structure compact and easy to assemble

"5+4+3+N" Intelligent Manufacturing System

Five Software Capabilities

ZHAOWEI has five software capabilities: drive design, tooth design, strength calibration, CAE simulation and noise analysis

Four Center

ZHAOWEI has four innovation center platforms: National Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Center, Machinery Industry Engineering Technology Research and Development Center

Three Laboratories

ZHAOWEI has a gear testing laboratory, transmission system laboratory and intelligent control laboratory.

High-precision equipment

ZHAOWEI owns advanced equipment such as German Zeiss CT, AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 OilTech, Yasuda YASDA 640V.

Drum Motor Certifications

Application Field

The electric drum motor is widely used in streaming transportation fields such as food, industry, chemicals, transportation,logistics and airport.

Logistics Sorting

Logistics Sorting

Baggage Handling

Baggage Handling

Port Conveying

Port Conveying

Security Inspection

Security Inspection

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Customer Service

ZHAOWEI’s micro drive systems apply in diverse areas all around the world to deliver the power, precision, and efficiency to motion solutions. Our sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you with any questions, including quotation, application support, and product configuration. Please submit your requirements through our Custom Service Form to ensure a faster response.

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