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Conveyor Electric Drum Motor

Rated Speed
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Max Rated Torque
Operating Life

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Data Sheet

Product Description

Conveyor is a common device in industry manufacture, which widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction sites, ports, and logistics transport. However, as an important part of conveyor, most drum motors on the current market are troubled by complicated structure, cumbersome installation, and occupation space. In order to solve above problems, ZHAOWEI puts forward a drum motor drive solution based on 20 years efforts committed to micro drive system design, development, and manufacture. The drum motor drive system integrates with planetary gearbox, drive motor, control module, power supply, and controller, which is compact, easy to assemble and well sealed. It applies the principle of differential gearbox to rotate the outer tube and then drive the large load conveyor move. ZHAOWEI’s drum motors have 4 models, whose length range from 150mm to 500mm, diameters range from 40mm to 60mm. The operating life under rated load can work at least 3000H, max to 20000H, which is enable to work under common dusty environment.

Product Specifications

  • Drum Motor

Model Length Voltage Current Working Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Life
GM20162-05 150mm 24V DC/220V AC 0.12A -10℃~50℃ -20℃~60℃ 20000H max.
GM20162-02 300mm 24V DC/220V AC 0.12A -10℃~50℃ -20℃~60℃ 20000H max.
GM20162-03 400mm 24V DC/220V AC 0.12A -10℃~50℃ -20℃~60℃ 20000H max.
GM20162-04 500mm 24V DC/220V AC 0.12A -10℃~50℃ -20℃~60℃ 20000H max.
  • Parameters

Diameter (mm) Nominal Power (W) Reduction Ratio Output Torque ( Output Speed (rpm)  Conveyer
Displacement Velocity (m/s)
φ40 18 max. 4 3 750 1.610
6 5 500 1.073
16 13 188 0.403
36 30 83 0.179
64 53 47 0.101
96 80 31 0.067
156 80 19 0.041
φ50 40 max. 4 5 750 1.610
6 8 500 1.073
16 21 188 0.403
36 48 83 0.179
64 85 47 0.101
96 128 31 0.067
156 150 19 0.041
φ60 60 max. 4 8 750 1.610
6 12 500 1.073
16 32 188 0.403
36 72 83 0.179
64 128 47 0.101
96 150 31 0.067
156 150 19 0.041

* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Drawing

Drum Motor 150mm

        Conveyor Electric Drum Motor 150mm drawing

Drum Motor 300mm

drum motor 300mm specification drawing

Drum Motor 400mm

                             drum motor 400mm specification drawing

Drum Motor 500mm

                                            drum motor 500mm specification drawing

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